2022 World Cup Teams Representation – Team Canada

Canada will take part in the World Cup for the second time! He will return to the tournament after 36 years and is of interest to fans as something new and unknown. By the way, this team attracts the attention of fans of bets on https://uz-bet.club/1xbet/, who like to guess sensations. Despite the fact that the Canadians are in a rather difficult group, let’s look at the prospects of this team at the 2022 World Cup.

Brief information

The Canadian team, unfortunately, cannot boast of any achievements in world championship performances, to say nothing of the awards. As an introduction to the team, we offer the following information:

  • Canada finished 1st in the CONCACAF qualifiers. The team overtook, among other things, the teams of the USA and Mexico.
  • Canadians will play at the World Cup for the first time in 36 years.
  • In 1986 Canada took part in the World Cup in Mexico. During the tournament, the national team joined the group with France, Hungary and the USSR. The performance was terrible. The Canadians have lost three games without scoring a single goal.
  • At the 2022 World Cup, the national team will perform in Group F. Canadians will compete with Croats, Belgians and Moroccans.
  • Key Players: Alphonso Davis, Jonathan David, Stephen Eushtakiou, Kyle Larin.

The path to the 2022 World Cup

The Canadians have come a long way to the world championship, which consisted of three qualifying rounds. In the first round, Canada suffered such teams as Aruba, Bermuda and Cayman Islands, as well as Suriname. For 3 matches held, the Reds scored 9 points, while scoring 27 goals and conceding only 1.

Then there was a playoff match against the Haiti national team, where the Canadians were stronger both at home and away (1:0 and 3:0). In the third round, John Herdman’s team had to play in the group again, with such rivals as the USA, Mexico and Costa Rica. A real miracle happened here, since it was the Canadians who took 1st place and received a direct ticket to the Qatari World Cup. In the qualifying round, Canada won 14 out of 20 meetings (only 2 defeats).

Team Canada’s Group F opponents at the 2022 World Cup

John Herdman’s team will face Belgium, Croatia and Morocco in the group round. Canada will play the first match against the unconditional favorite of the group, the Belgian national team, and here the chances of success will be minimal. The second match for Canada will most likely be decisive, since the defeat from the Croatian national team will leave practically no chances for further advancement in the playoffs. Bookmakers put Croats as favorites, but the odds for their victory are 1.90, which indicates some analysts’ fears about the clear superiority of “chess”.

The final match for the Canadian national team will take place on December 1 against the Moroccans. Here Canada is also an outsider, but a small one. Morocco’s victory is estimated at 2.40, Canada – 3.20.


Of course, the Canadian team has little chance of successfully advancing to the playoffs. However, there are enough skillful players in the team who play in strong clubs. What is Alphonso Davies from Bayern or Jonathan David from Lille worth? Bookmakers believe that the probability of the Reds reaching the playoffs is 28% (odds 3.50) and here we completely agree. The clear favorites of the group are the Europeans, and the national teams of Morocco and Canada can become the “dark horse” that “shoot” at almost every World Cup.
In conclusion, for the most desperate fans of the Canadian national team, there is a bet on the victory of the Reds at the World Cup. The coefficient for this event is 500.00.