4 Birthday Party Ideas for Tweens

Kids’ parties used to be easy: a few party games, a cake, and the party was done! Instead now, planning a party for a group of tweens with different interests and different maturity levels seems a bit more difficult. Fortunately, with a little creativity and the perfect party theme, the party will be remembered.

Video game championship

Pre-teen boys and girls will have a lot of fun in a battle for the title of champion of the game. You can have the party at an arcade where activities and food are provided on site. Likewise, you can throw the party at home if you want to give your tween some great memories and you’re on a budget. Move all the televisions and video game consoles to the basement rec room. If you only have one video game console, you can rent a few extra ones per day. Arrange the televisions along the wall and insert a different game into each console. Now, the group can sit down by making smaller teams and get into the battle for the title. With several televisions and video games, children can play at the same time,

Watch on the big screen

Watching movies is a favorite pre-teen activity and is relatively gender neutral. You can have the party at home with help of a private cinema near me. Many private cinemas offer big screens to watch the latest released movie from the comfort of your home. If you prefer to do it at home, transform your basement into a movie theater with a big screen TV, sound system, and comfortable bean bags. Dim the lights and put on a copy of your tween’s most recent favorite movie. Serve popcorn, soda, and other movie theater treats for a more authentic experience. 

Wet summer fun

From a beach celebration to a backyard pool party, the summer months offer a wide variety of opportunities suitable for both genders. Throw the party on the beach with swimming activities, water rides, beach volleyball, and a barbecue; or play games like in your backyard pool. If your child wants a little more fun, throw the party at a water park where the group can spend the day sliding down the slides or riding the waves. If there’s an indoor water park nearby, you can have some summer fun in the middle of winter. These venues often offer private party areas, indoor splash pads, and video arcades for water-phobic guests.

Laser tag warriors

While simple games might keep kids entertained, to capture pre-teens’ interest you’ll need something more elaborate. To get the kids excited you can have a laser tag party! You can book the party at the local laser tag center where you can choose from the number of games the group will play and then relax with a meal in a private room. If there isn’t a laser tag center available, you don’t have to sacrifice the idea of the party. Host the party at home or at a nearby park and rent or purchase laser tag equipment. Turn up the excitement level of the game and have the party into the night. Get the party started with dinner and some time to relax.