4 Factors to Consider to Get the Right Hot Tub for Your Home

Who does not love a dip in a hot tub after a long, tiring day? But, no matter how flattering the idea is, getting a hot tub of your choice can be quite a task. Meanwhile, with custom hot tubs, you can stave off all your worries and fulfil your requirements. 

Hot tubs available in different materials and configurations look refined and sophisticated, adding to the beauty of outdoor or living spaces. However, before getting one, you need to decide what kind of hot tub meets your needs and have clarity on various aspects. So here is a simple guide for you:

  • Shell Material

The shells of hot tubs are generally made from vinyl, rotomolded plastic or acrylic. And the choice of the shell would influence the cost of your hot tub. 

Vinyl shells are created by placing vinyl over a frame made from any sturdy material to give a shape. The cost of such shells may range between 4000 and 12,000 dollars. Meanwhile, hot tubs made from rotomolded plastic are portable and lightweight. It is developed by adding the plastic powder to a mould which is melted later. Such shells cost between 2500 and 6000 dollars.

Acrylic shells are considered to be the most durable material. It is manufactured by heating and moulding a single acrylic sheet. But, such tubs can be heavy, so it is difficult to reposition them. However, acrylic shells have good temperature retention and durability, making them expensive, as they usually cost between 4000 and 16000 dollars.  

  • Placement and Measurement

The placement of custom hot tubs needs consideration of safety issues like availability of power supply or the presence of adequate clearance above the walls or floor. In addition, you need to plan for the equipment required for installation. Also, easy access to accessories and pumps is vital so that maintenance does not become a hefty task.  

The best spot to place your hot tub is on the porch, deck or patio. However, you need to make accurate measurements of the area and size of the tub you want to get. Meanwhile, the depth of water can be anything that you wish so that there is enough legroom, and concerns regarding uncomfortable seating get eliminated. 

  • Type

You can choose from two types of hot tubs: above-ground and in-ground. Above-ground hot tubs are self-contained and are usually portable. In contrast, an in-ground hot tub can be a permanent addition to your home. As such, it usually requires a subfloor or concrete slab or reinforcement to the existing deck structure. You may also install an in-ground hot tub to add value to your home and incorporate it into your garden plan. Also, you can get some above-ground and in-ground models without built-in components, which can be customised later. As such, you can consult with your dealer to sort out options and decide what works best for you.  

  • Controls

Custom hot tubs with a hand-held remote control can be really convenient, while some designs may allow you to operate through your phone application. Some models enable controlling the lighting, heater, runtime and pump from the touchscreen near the tub or through your smartphone. And with a blower control, you can regulate the influx of air into the tub. Lighting controls may also help you turn the tub’s light on and off and adjust colour and brightness according to your mood. The jet control feature will also help you adjust the strength and speed of your jets, while temperature settings may help you control the temperature. 

Once you have decided on the specifications of your hot tub, you are ready to make the purchase and use it to unwind after a long day or spend quality time with your family.