5 Attractive Theme Parks to Visit on Your Trip to Dubai

Suppose you plan to enjoy your holidays in a theme park and look for a world-class theme park. In that case, there is no other place than Dubai that offers you a wide variety of exciting theme parks with adventurous activities nowhere found. Dubai’s theme parks are the epitome of architectural excellence, innovation, and a high-octane adventure experience. With excellent cuisine to relish, thrilling rides, shopping places, and different activity zones, the theme parks of Dubai are the preferred choice of tourists from around the globe.

Dubai has been rightly called the entertainment capital of the world in which you can enjoy your holidays with your family and friends and enjoy the next level of adrenaline rush. Activities performed here range from beginner level to advance level. All the activities are well suited for young and adults alike. So, to make your holidays unforgettable and turn them into a lifetime experience, we have curated a list of the top 5 most attractive theme parks to visit on your trip to Dubai. Here, we are naming all the major attractions and other details about these five theme parks.

1. Aquaventure Waterpark 

One of the largest adventure waterparks in the Middle East and Europe, the Aquaventure waterpark is located on Palm Island. One of the fascinating experiences that this park offers is a chance to perform swimming with sharks. Ninety-foot slides are something that makes your trip memorable when it takes you through a lagoon. Poseidon’s revenge that drops you 70-feet down and then takes you through a double loop is another thrilling ride. Other than these rides, you can enjoy and relax by the 700-meter-long beach.

2. LEGOLAND Dubai 

Set up by the famous toy-making company LEGOLAND is considered one of the most innovative theme parks in Dubai. More than 40 fantastic rides are something that makes it a major attraction, especially for kids and family outings. This park is located near another famous theme park, Motion Gate and Bollywood Park, and thus, it is within reach of adventure seekers.

The concept behind the LEGOLAND theme park is the mega-popular Lego building blocks. It is divided into two parks, LEGOLAND theme park and LEGOLAND waterpark. If you want to beat the heat of Dubai and get rid of boredom, go for LEGOLAND.

3. Bollywood Park

Bollywood Park Dubai presents the body and soul of the Indian film industry. The high-quality 4D theatre adventures will make your experience fascinating immemorable. Watching Bollywood classics of the 60s, ’70s, and 80s is a nostalgic feeling. This park is situated in the middle of Dubai parks and resorts and is divided into five zones based on Bollywood movies.

You would feel like you are walking on the streets of Mumbai or visiting some splendid shooting sites of India. Bollywood-themed restaurants and rides are something that catches the heart of visitors and the lifetime experience here is irreplaceable.

4. Motiongate Dubai

Just like the Bollywood theme park, Motiongate Dubai is inspired by another famous film industry, Hollywood. It is famously known as ‘Hollywood in The Deserts’. The park is divided into four zones according to the theme, namely Sony’s Columbia Picture, DreamWorks Animation, the Smurfs, and Lion’s Gate. These zones have 27 rides and a world-class cinematic experience for the visitors. Make sure you add all these rides before booking your Motiongate tickets. These rides are also inspired by famous Hollywood movies like speeding rollercoasters based on The Hunger Games.

This theme park proves to be the darling of moviegoers and attracts thousands of tourists every year.

5. Ski Dubai 

How would you feel if you started feeling frozen in a desert city like Dubai? Ski Dubai is the winter wonderland that makes it unique and a special spot for tourists. This is a one-stop destination for skiers and snowboarders. Situated inside the mall of the emirates and spread across the area of 22500 sq meters, Ski Dubai is a controlled environment that maintains a temperature of -2 degrees Celsius.

It provides you with another unique experience of having morning breakfast with penguins and sloping down through the tick beds of crystal white snow spread around the area. Ski Dubai features five slopes according to height, difficulty level, and gradient. Skiers of all levels can enjoy different rides under one roof.