5 Reasons Why Your Puppy Must Do Doga (Dog Yoga)

Yoga is an ancient Hindu practice that focuses on restoring the mind-body-spirit balance. Over the years, this holistic approach to good health has become popular in many parts of the world. And several people across different countries have also come up with variations to engage yoga practitioners even more.

However, our concern is with pet or dog yoga, aka “Doga”. Like us, our fur babies may have to deal with numerous challenges in the human world daily. Getting your pup to exercise alone may be tricky, but you can join your puppy to double the interest and fun. While you both work together for mutual well-being, life can still be unpredictable and harsh sometimes.

And it is precisely the reason why you may need dog insurance. The best pet insurance can help provide your puppy pal comprehensive health coverage at economical costs. If you are looking to buy a pet insurance policy, you may need to search online to find pet insurers and assess the health benefits of various plans.

You can quickly request and compare quotes before signing up for the best fit plan. While you work on getting pet insurance, read this article on the advantages of introducing yoga to your pet pup.

Getting familiar with Doga

Dog yoga employs asanas (body postures or poses) that are puppy-friendly. So, doing an asana with your puppy may not be an uphill task. Downward dog, heart to hound mudra, mirror chair pose, inner dog mudra, puppy paw pose, and wheelbarrow are some standard feel-good puppy poses you can try with your pup. When it involves a pup, the session duration most likely is short, like thirty minutes or less.

Also, your puppy may get to use one or more yoga props like mats, chairs, blocks, bands, balls, etc. Ensure you have some itty-bitty treats ready in your bag, so you can toss one or two to praise your puppy as they correctly pick up dog yoga skills. After a paw-worthy yoga session, you may see a happy face and wagging tail coming up to you.

Reasons for getting your puppy to do Doga

1. Enhances physical health

Yoga can improve your puppy’s posture, fluid circulation in the body, bone and joint health and help them stay stress-free. It offers a splendid opportunity for your puppy to burn those extra calories, maintain weight, and be fit.

2. Boosts puppy-parent bonding

Some shy puppies may be wary of learning new things, which is why initiating them to activities like dog yoga that may involve their favorite human can take much stress off them. Your puppy may be more than happy to be a part of something that has caught its parent’s fascination. They not only enjoy the bonding period but also feel much more secure.

3. Lowers puppy’s anxiousness

With the deep relaxation techniques of dog yoga, your puppy can have a blissful experience. Such asanas can alleviate fear, anxiety, and other negative feelings in your pupper. By the end of a session, your fur baby can come out in a positive frame of mind and spread happy vibes.

4. Brilliant socialization opportunity

Your puppy pal can meet/play with other furry friends and their parents with group dog yoga sessions. So, including dog yoga in your furry baby’s routine can be a wise decision. Plus, your puppy can grow into a confident adult as they may have acquired social skills unknowingly.

Even when you haven’t enrolled your pup in group dog yoga sessions, you can easily play dog yoga videos on YouTube and practice it with your furry friend in the comfort of your home. Also, know that even when dog yoga can promote your puppy’s health, there can be times when they unexpectedly fall ill, get hurt because of accidents or injuries, and more.

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