6 Tips To Make Your Move From Boston Cheap

Moving is physically, emotionally and financially challenging. There are a lot of things to consider while moving like costs, planning, bills, packing, unpacking and others.

Additionally if you have a family, things might get easier but at the same time things might be complicated. According to people who move quite often from and to Boston say that hiring Boston movers make things cheaper than going DIY.

When you move yourself there is the added stress of not breaking or losing anything. The Boston Mover’s cost might be the best thing if you are planning to move and save some bucks. The expert movers have put down some ways to save money while hiring a moving company.

1.Move During the Weekdays

Yes, you would have to take a day or two off but there is a possibility of saving up to thousand dollars per move.

Since weekends are fully booked, when you push for another weekend or a holiday, you get one of those high priced spots. If you really want a weekend, then you might want to book it early like 3-4 months ahead of your move.

2.Reserve Spots Early

The best spots are the ones booked early. They are always booked on a first come, first serve basis. That means the earlier you book the better price you will get.

If you want to move somewhere at the end of December, you would want to book the movers by July or latest by August. However, if you book later like around October or November, you would be charged double of what you would normally pay.

3.Avoid Hidden Charges

There are many hidden charges that you might forget to consider. It is important to keep them in mind to avoid them to cut costs. For example, checking if there are stairs or elevators in the new building, or parking place, or the width of the corridors.

If you don’t know them before and they turn out to be problematic for the movers, they would charge you extra for their efforts. Therefore have all the I formation ready as asked on their website or as presented in the forms you fill.

4. Avoid Last Minute Changes

This one might be tricky, however unless there is a medical emergency, try to avoid any last minute date and time changes. That would help you save a lot of money.

Even if you had a booked spot during the high season but for some reason you have to change to the off-season, the price is going to be high. The movers are usually booked out and therefore any change can affect their schedule heavily.

5. Choose Night Time

Another interesting tip given by many movers in Boston is to choose a night time. It might not be ideal for you. However, empty roads and no traffic makes it an ideal situation for the movers.

It is less stressful, driving is smooth, and reduces fuel consumption. It definitely works. Because of so many advantages, the price is going to be suitable too.

6. Obviously Off-Season

This might be an obvious point but does not suit everyone. For example, if your new job is starting during the summer, you cannot wait for winter to move just to pay less. This is where planning comes in.

If you are beginning the job in July or August, plan in the early months like January or February after the holidays. You will have time to unpack, settle down and move during the winter.


In the end, it can be said that moving is fun if you plan it properly. There is a lot to keep in mind while planning. You will not be alone in this.

When you are planning your move, the company you chose will provide you with a representative who will be with you always to guide you. Make sure you go through the contracts and ask questions when you have.

Always ask for a breakdown of prices when you receive an invoice. Also, some moving companies might have special discounts like season based or friends and family discount, make sure you grab them all and make the most of it.