7 Anime That Will Take You to Japan

Intro: If you love anime, then you know that there is nothing quite like traveling to Japan to experience the birthplace of some of your favorite shows and movies. Of course, not everyone can just up and leave their life behind to go on an adventure, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little taste of Japan right at home. Here are seven anime films and TV shows that will take you right to the heart of Japan. Enjoy!

1. My Neighbor Totoro:

Miyazaki has been called the Walt Disney of Japan, and for a good reason. This anime will take you through the japan countryside, and it is one of the most heartwarming movies you’ll ever watch. His films not only have deep thematic elements, but they’re also just as heartwarming as any classic Disney film you’ll come across. My Neighbor Totoro is no exception to this rule, with its beautiful animated artwork and touching story about a family going through a difficult time. You can get a copy of the DVD or Blu-Ray through Amazon, but even better is to spend some time learning more about Miyazaki’s work and cinematic style by taking a trip to Studio Ghibli. Or you can download it by visiting u1337x.org and following it episode by episode at your own pace.

2. Shirokuma Cafe (Polar Bear Cafe):

It is a TV show, but the entire series runs only 26 episodes, so it’s still not too bad. The show follows Panda and Polar Bear, who work in a cafe where all the food is based on puns (like “ramen noodles” made from rabbits). It’s hilarious and lighthearted throughout, and it’s a great way to get a taste of Japanese culture and Japanese humor. It is the story of a polar bear stuck in modern-day Japan. That’s not entirely accurate: it’s more about an un-bearlike creature who happens to be half polar bears stuck in modern-day Japan. The other half is human, and this hybrid has adopted the name Shirokuma and opened up a cafe in his apartment. He has a variety of animal friends that come to the restaurant, and it’s pretty much an animated sitcom, with each episode being broken up into several short stories.

3. Your Name:

It is the tale of two teenagers, Taki and Mitsuha. They are strangers who have never met, but suddenly they start switching places in their sleep. The switch has only begun to happen when one notices it, but they’ve already lived through quite a bit together by then. As time goes on, they discover more about each other and eventually fall in love. Your Name is an anime coming-of-age story worth checking out if you are looking for something with an interesting premise but not too complicated on the details. This anime will take you through beautiful Japanese landscapes as well as sad and heartwarming moments. Taki lives in Tokyo, whereas Mitsuha lives a very traditional lifestyle in a small village. The countryside is what makes this anime special. It is shown through peaceful scenery and enjoyable day-to-day activities that make it seem like you are there with them.

4. The Flower We Saw That Day (Ano Hana):

Ano Hana is another heartwarming story of friendship. The characters in this anime go through a lot throughout the show but somehow come out stronger and better on the other side. What makes their bonds so unique is that they can feel each other’s emotions and understand them without having to say anything, and if you’ve ever had a close group of friends, you’ll appreciate how special that is. No Hana is a beautiful anime story that takes you through Japan’s streets and countryside and shows you what makes small-town life so wonderful.

5. Spirited Away:

Based on real-life places, spirited away tells the story of Chihiro, a girl who gets trapped in another world when she goes exploring with her parents. The art style is so beautifully done that you can’t help but feel like you’ve entered another world yourself while watching the film. Spirited away brings you through the beauty of japan’s rural landscape and lets you see what it’s like to live in a massive city. Spirited Away shows you the best of both worlds, allowing you experience urban sprawl as well as serene countrysides where anything can grow. You’ll never want to leave after watching this anime classic. The onsen where the story initially starts is based on the real place known as Dogo Onsen, an actual gem of a person. It is exactly as depicted in the anime, so if you ever have the chance to visit Japan, it would be a good idea to go there!

6. Lucky Star:

Lucky Star is by far one of the most calming anime you will have ever seen. Following the life of four (and later five) high school girls, it shows how they interact with each other and their interests. It is an adorable slice-of-life series that will always put you in a good mood. This anime will make you want to go there. The tori gates you will see throughout the series are a replica of the Washinomiya Shrine that you can visit in Saitama prefecture. The world depicted in Lucky Star is very cute! It’s not surprising why many people like to visit Japan after watching this show. It is one of the most popular slice-of-life anime out there. It is not surprising that many people have dreamed of visiting Japan after watching this show.

7. Kiki’s Delivery Service: a colorful and vibrant place to visit by a witch!

The film takes place in the fictional European city of Koriko; the setting is inspired by Kiki’s Delivery Service (manga), Written by Eiko Kadono. Many fans loved this movie. It was even awarded as the best feature-length animated film at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards in 2007. This anime is based on the same name written by Eiko Kadono, who won the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Award for Writing. It was produced by Studio Ghibli and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. In this film, teenage witch Kiki moves from her home in the countryside to create her flying delivery service.


Watch these anime suggestions to get the idea of Japan’s experience in anime style with great animation. with beautiful landscapes and delicious food, these anime will fill your eyes with dreams of japan! have a great anime time!