Humidors are the humidity-controlled devices that are used to maintain the optimum humid state of cigars, pipes, and other forms of tobacco, as too much or too little humidity is not good for tobacco. The humidors have basically two functions; the primary function is to maintain a steady and optimum humidity inside the box, and the second function is to store the cigars and pipes and protect them from outside damage. There are cigar humidors boxes available as well as there are humidors cigar shops that have walk-in humidors that maintain the humidity level and provide an ideal condition for cigar storage.


As said above, too much or too little humidity will destroy the products that have tobacco. So cigar is too little humidity, will lose its aroma and flavor and becomes too dry. By losing its aroma and flavor, the critical parameters of smoking a cigar will be lost. In contrast, too moist a cigar in the presence of too much humidity will increase the possible chances of the growth of mold and bacteria. Moreover, there will be an infestation of tobacco bettle as well. This is why cigar humidors are necessary to maintain a steady humid state.


The cigar humidors come in variant sizes and shapes. They are available in a travel-size box to a large walk-in humidor that is in cigar shops. Despite its size, the humidors have seals that prevent outside moisture from coming in and vice versa. The humidors have hygrometers as well that measures the amount of humidity inside the cigar box.


The life span of a humidor varies, depending upon its use of it. Like if you are installing a walk-in humidor for a cigar shop, then there is no reason that it can’t stay a lifetime. But if you are buying a travel humidor, then it may last as per your use. Just for example, if you are a cigar user and you are taking a travel humidor with you, then it will last as long as your phone covers the case, as you drop it, or keep it under heavy materials. So the stability of it will vary.


The cost of a cigar humidor varies depending upon the quality and shop from where you are buying it. You could find a good cigar box humidor for approximately $100, and if you want a bigger sized humidor with different functionalities and space, then you would have to spend around $200 to $500 on it. But the cost that you are spending on a humidor for a cigar near me is important as, if you won’t, then the cigar will lose its effectiveness.


There are many types of humidors that are available like discussed above, the walk-in humidors and the travel ones. But there is another way in which we can classify the humidors that is the material from which it is made. There are:

  • Glass humidors
  • Metal humidors
  • Wooden humidors

But mainly wooden cigar humidors are mainly used. The reason wooden humidors are mainly used rather than the other two types is the glass humidors don’t impart any negative flavor or aroma on the cigars, and they are handy, while glass ones are easy to prone to and metal ones are heavy to lift.

The other forms of humidors are the:

Walk-in humidors:

Walk-in humidors is basically a big room where the temperature and humidity are being maintained, and over there, the cigars are stored. These types of humidors are usually installed in cigar shops or lounges. Moreover, there are many enthusiastic cigars that specify a room in their house to keep cigars there.

Humidors in furniture:

These types of humidors are rare; they are actually spaces in the furniture that are used to store cigars. They are mainly in the form of tables and cabinets. Again these types of humidors are found in shops and bars.

Travel humidors/ personal humidors:

These types of humidors are very handy, and almost everybody can keep this, from a person who is an avid smoker to a semi-regular one. They can hold up to 75 cigars in general, but they are variant in size, and the maximum capacity of it is up to 300 cigars it can hold. Moreover, they also have an option that if you want to store cigars of different flavors and aromas in the same box, then you can use organizers as well.


The optimum humidity that should be kept in the range of 68-72% and above 72% will result in dreadful cigar beetles. While the humidity of your humidor varies depending upon the different environmental conditions like;

Light: light plays an important role in humidors; they should be placed in dark rooms as the penetration of light will vary in the temperature as well as humidity.

Climatic conditions: the climatic conditions also affect the humidity levels. In the places where there is too dry weather, it is recommended to place a glass of water near the humidors as the humidity will decrease rapidly. And it is mostly recommended to keep the hygrometer at your home if there is so much fluctuation in humidity.

The quantity of cigars: the stock that you place in the cigar humidors also plays an important role, as too much stock in the box will plunge the cigar, and humidity will drop. Similarly, if the box is too empty, then the humidity will rise.

Motion: the movement of the humidors will impact its stability. This is the reason why the travel humidors aren’t good for long-term use. Once the humidors are set up, keep them in the same place and don’t move them as the stability will be interrupted.

These were a few factors that might affect the humidity levels and stability of your cigar humidors.