An Insight Into Paying for Your Child Support.

Being a parent is the utmost responsibility one has on their shoulders. In some unfortunate events, when parents separate, it raises the question of who will take care of the child.

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A case of child support raises many questions about the child’s upbringing. This article dives into some vital questions relating to child support.

When does it end?

Around 82% of the families receive child support monthly.

Parents usually support children via the conditions agreed in the ‘Child Support Agreement.’ In case of no agreement, the occurrence of any one event of the following means the end of payment.

The events can be:

  • When the child turns 18, there are few exceptions, such as when a child reaches the age of 18 years and the agreement agrees to support beyond the age of 18. Parents must apply prior if there is a need to support a child with an intellectual or physical disability.
  • If the child dies or even the Maintenance dies, the payment is bound to end.
  • If the child marries or is adopted
  • If the child is no longer an Australian citizen or residing in Australia
  • Payment is also bound to end when the paying parent moves to another country and the country is not a part of the agreement.

Factors to look for while accessing child support.

Child support may be complex for many parents. Here are a few factors considered according to legal procedures while accessing child support or maintenance:

  • The income and financial capacity of the paying parent
  • Age of child and financial needs
  • The level of education parents expects from their child and his current education level.
  • Special needs relating to disability or any health condition

Failing in child support? Consequences.

Following are the events that may occur in case you fail to pay for child support:

  • The paying parent’s employer can be asked to deduct the child support amount from the salary. It will be sent to Services Australia by the employer, which will pass on to the child.
  • Deductions can also be made in tax refunds by the Australian Tax Office. The amount will be passed on to the child by the Tax Office.
  • One can face several restrictions if they refuse to pay child support. Travel restrictions can be severe, and paying parents may not be allowed to leave the country.
  • If crime events occur in a child support case, it can even welcome criminal proceedings resulting in serious legal actions.

Can there be a private agreement among parents?

Parents in private can also decide to what extent and how child support will be paid. These agreements are present in the form of a Binding Child Support Agreement. The parties can receive legal advice independently. The agreement cannot be changed or altered in any case.

However, the parents can end or replace it with the new agreement. In rare circumstances, the agreement can be ended by either party.

Wrapping up.

In no case, any Solicitar Nowra would want families to get separated or face a circumstance seeking legal actions. However, one cannot judge the timings of particular circumstances and is bound to bend down.

Child support can be challenging after a parent’s separation, but one can make efforts to provide a wonderful childhood to their children as to what they deserve.