Android and IOS Apps: Which Should You Build?

If you want to sell your products massively, you should think about building an app. The problem is what OS will your app be based on? Android or iOS?

Android and iOS are two of the most popular and widely used OS by smartphone users around the world. Building your app on the basis of any of them is a good decision. It would be better if you accommodate both but for most developers it is difficult so they are forced to choose one.

If you are determined to build your business application, you will have to decide what basis you will use. You may have to consult an expert from an application development company but it never hurts to read this article thoroughly.

There are several factors you should know before deciding on what basis you should build your app.

1. Target market

Make sure you know your target market. If some of them use Android smartphones why should you build an iOS app? On the other hand, if most of them use iPhones, why should you focus on developing an Android app? There are many custom android app development services you can deal with.

2. Budget

Budget is of course one of the determining factors in any project, application development is no exception. For initial information, the average cost of making an iOS application is greater than the cost of making an Android application. If your budget is “fairly limited”, concentrating on building an Android app makes sense. However, it can be concluded that if your budget is quite limited, it is likely that your target market is those who use Android smartphones.

3. Revenue model

The revenue model is another factor in your choice of OS. If you tend to want revenue from app purchases then iOS apps are the best choice. Why? Because iPhone users tend to have a desire to buy applications compared to Android users. This is a fact that many people have known for a long time. On the other hand, if you prioritize revenue from advertising, an Android app is perfect for your project. Android users tend to prefer free apps so most Android app developers focus on ad monetization.

4. Update

Will you be updating your apps frequently. If your answer is Yes, then you should develop an iOS app. iOS users usually keep their apps up to date, as opposed to Android users.

5. Idea

Most Android smartphone users come from circles with a fairly low income level. You are advised not to build complex applications for them. On the other hand, if your idea is too detailed, you should focus on developing iOS apps as iPhone users tend to be “higher intelligence”. They tend to be willing to pay for an app and they expect the app to really be worth the price they pay.

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