Benefits of Loading Decks

Construction and infrastructure projects are essential for the development of a country. High-rise buildings are built to maximize the space for commercial and residential growth. The increase in population in the urban areas has led to the construction of high rise buildings. Loading decks are platforms designed to load materials into and out of high-rise construction sites. The primary purpose of a loading deck is to transport large and heavy materials to different levels in the construction area. The deck increases the crane productivity on site by reducing the time needed to transport bulky material to the required floors. It is reliable, safe and easy to use. It increases the crane productivity by lifting materials straight from the transport to any level.

Types of loading platforms

Fixed flush

Fixed flush decks are used in places where the headroom is less and maximum clearance is needed. The deck is fixed to the base of the load-bearing beams giving a flush transition from floor to loading areas. It can be relocated and installed quickly and handles a large load capacity.

Super roller

The super roller deck is fully retracted within the building’s edge when not in use. Multiple decks can be stacked, eliminating the time to relocate platforms between the floors and reducing dynamic loading in high winds. The deck is installed and relocated quickly.

Benefits of using a loading platform

Simple: Loading decks can be handled by one person who doesn’t need any special training to operate them. The controls are simple and user friendly, and anyone can operate the decks. One person can easily push or pull the platform in a few seconds.

Safe: The loading platforms make the construction site much safer. Their design provides superior safety and protects the workers from accidents. The decks are capable of standing loads of 3 tonnes to 5 tonnes. The construction area becomes safer without materials flying across the entire site.

Saves time: Bulky materials are transferred quickly to any floor in a multi-storeyed building. It would become tough and time-consuming to move the materials manually to each floor. The time to complete a project reduces, and more work is done in a short time.

Efficient: Loading platforms increase the efficiency of the work by reducing the area covered by the crane operator. It saves time and energy in large projects and eliminates the obstructions caused by crane ropes. It supports the efficient movement of men and materials. It eliminates the need to handle materials manually from the truck to the elevator.

Saves cost: When efficiency increases, it increases productivity and decreases the work completion time. The streamlined material handling and better access to the site significantly impacts the project and reduces the cost of construction. It can carry larger and heavier loads than the construction elevator.

Minimizes damage: Fragile and heavy materials are difficult to handle manually. The loading deck helps transport material efficiently by withstanding extreme pressure and weight. All the materials are transported safely, and no damage happens to them.

One of the critical concerns of the construction industry is the safety of the workers. Loading deck ensures the safety of the workers and simplifies the challenging task of transporting material to high-rise buildings. It is a safe, reliable and cost-effective alternative to cranes. It helps to complete the work quickly and efficiently.