Canned Water as a Replacement of The Plastic Water Bottle

Canned water is one of the most effective alternatives for your plastic bottled water. Do you need that portability comfort, well there’s plenty of that while holding and taking your canned water everywhere you wish to go and finishing it up while carrying a conversation?

Canned aluminium water, similar to the canned soda you have, keeps its original taste whilst providing the same freshness when it was sourced which is why canned water companies went this route so they could provide a wholesome canned water taste that is neutral on the PH scale rather than the acidic taste, plastic counterpart provides to the people.

Plastic water overtime, captured the actual water state, with tiny plastic molecules as well as the outside Carbon dioxide mixed along over the time on the shelf it lives makes it lower end of the PH scale, this is why your plastic bottled water tasted so weird when you were coming from work, this type of water over time can significantly cause health problems, like heart disease, vomit, liver or kidney issues.

Not only this but plastic accounts for most of the non-recycled rubbish around the world, so much so that there’s an island named after it, yeah that’s right an island is called the great pacific garbage patch (GPGP), between Hawaii and California accounting for approx. 79,000 tons of plastic on that very island, just for reference every year nearly 8 to 9 thousand tons is deposited into the oceans this then also haunts us in the form of seafood which is plastic contaminated also causing health issues for people, this is one of the many reasons could water is better than plastic bottled water.

These plastic water bottles are not even recycled, as usually lower grades of plastic are mostly used in them that can trickle down into small particles but take hundreds of years to vanish from the face of the earth, hence it’s called the curse of plastic.

So much so that even the post covid G7 meeting had a discussion agenda of having aluminum canned water as an alternative for plastic bottled water.

Whether you’re interested in buying canned water in Canada or the US, wondering where I can buy canned water? or get canned water at a cheap price, we’ve got you covered as a company that has a vision of producing products that are viable yet reasonable for you to buy canned water.

Our canned water brand known as RAIN Water Company ( ), provides 100% organic, the original, actual water right from the mountainy high region of Georgia where it is sourced with no forced action, starting from clouds where the water tears splash on the peaks, swim along through the contours of the mountain, arriving down to the delta water streams running with the inclined pressure that automatically pushes it towards our sourcing area.

We provide you canned water that’s open to a bio-diverse atmosphere, with no microparticles, temperature, and a taste-controlled environment with aluminum water cans that are recurrently recyclable for a lifetime.