Consulting an Employment Attorney in White Plains: Go with the Right Questions

There are several reasons to contact an employment attorney. Probably you were wrongfully fired from your job in White Plains or suffered the consequences of filing a sexual harassment complaint against your supervisor. It could be a case of discussing your severance package or a wage dispute. Check the website of any top law firm to schedule a consultation with their attorneys. In this post, check the list of questions you must ask when you step in for the first meeting.

“What can you tell me about your profile as an employment lawyer?”

 A competent employment lawyer wouldn’t mind discussing their work profile. You need to know whether the lawyer is locally based in your city and if they are familiar with the state laws in NY. You should also ask about whether the attorney’s primary area of focus is employment law and if they have years of work behind them.

“What is your experience with similar employment law matters?”

Injury Lawyers are expected to be upfront and honest with their clients. Your lawyer should share the possible outcomes even when the situation isn’t as positive as you hoped. For that, lawyers need to have experience with similar cases. For instance, the work involved in handling a sexual harassment lawsuit differs from that of a matter concerning racial discrimination.

“What would be your charges for my case?”

When there is a financial settlement involved, an employment lawyer may work on a contingency arrangement. If the lawyer intends to charge an hourly rate, you should know the other people working on the case and how you would pay the fee. Having a clear engagement letter with your lawyer is pertinent, regardless of the type of case you have.

“How will we communicate?”

Clients often have difficulty contacting employment lawyers, which shouldn’t be the case. Make sure that you talk to the lawyer in advance about communication. You should have access to their assistant or legal team to ask questions or seek updates on the case.

“What do you need from me?”

Your lawyer will probably want specific facts before they can start working on the legal strategy for your case. From your employment records and contracts to other details like doctor’s notes and information related to the matter, they may need different things at various points.

Call an attorney as soon as you have an employment law-related concern to have enough time to pursue things further.