Everything You Need to Know About Dispensaries

The medical marijuana business is booming. Whether for recreational or medical purposes, people have decided they prefer the feeling they get from marijuana over prescription pills. Because of the recent legalization of marijuana in some parts of the country, dispensaries need to sell weed legally in those places. If you have been wondering what dispensaries are all about, then you have come to the right place:

What is a Dispensary?

A medical marijuana dispensary, also sometimes referred to as a pot shop, is a business that sells medical cannabis products to obtain a medical card), regardless of the legality of medical cannabis. They are typically local, storefront businesses and often operate 24 hours a day.

With the new legislation being passed right now, there will be many new dispensaries opening around the country. All states have different rules about getting approved for a medical marijuana card.

Know What ID and Other Documents You Need to Bring

Most dispensaries are small businesses. They are highly regulated, and if you’re not aware of these regulations, you’re taking a considerable risk. Even if it’s tedious, it’s necessary. It’s important to know the legislation in your state before you begin the procedure.

To prove that you’re a medical marijuana patient, you’ll need a form of identification or documentation that demonstrates your status. There are different requirements for each state, so if you’re at a Massachusetts dispensary, make sure you carry your passport or drivers license with you.

When in Doubt, Ask

Regardless of how simple or ridiculous your query may seem, your budtender in a reputable dispensary is always available to assist you. As well as answer any query you might be having about any health products available.

Questions to ask include:

  • When I’m high, how will I know?”
  • Do you get high right away?
  • Exactly how do you activate the vaporizer?

A walk-in consultation is acceptable, but you must make an appointment ahead of time if you want complete privacy. Either way, the consumer is king here, so don’t hesitate to ask questions.

The Star of the Show

Most dispensaries aren’t allowed to display their products on the sales floor, making them available for immediate purchase. In most cases, you’ll have a personal budtender who will help you through the store’s selections and bring out flower samples for you to smell.

Even though they lack medical credentials, budtenders are well-versed in their sell items. In that store, they’re the only ones who’ve probably tried all the products, and they’re constantly listening to customer reviews.

In other words, while budtenders aren’t medical professionals, they are the best people to ask about the products you see in the store. They have a lot of knowledge, so don’t take it for granted.

In the same way that your doctor isn’t a therapist, a budtender is neither.

Consumer Etiquette

Refrain from lighting flammables in the vicinity of the establishment. Even in states where marijuana has been legalized, it is still illegal to use it in public. Because of the stringent regulations in place at these businesses, it’s extra uncool to smoke what you just bought right in front of them.

The only part of this scene that hasn’t been altered is the act of smoking legal pot. Now is the moment to channel your inner adolescent and come up with an idea for a quiet or distant location: a vacant garage, a covered patio, an obscure vantage point… you know where this is going.

Future of the Dispensary Business

The future for this industry is bright. According to data from Marijuana Business Daily, the industry’s annual trade event, sales topped $20 billion in 2020, are on track to top $26 billion this year, and are anticipated to surge to $45.9 billion in 2025. The cannabis sector would dwarf the craft beer market in terms of revenue.


The truth is that using a dispensary—both for medical and recreational purposes—can be a great experience. However, you need to know what questions to ask and where to get your marijuana as safely as possible. Again, none of this information is intended to condone or promote drug use—this is intended to promote an informed decision if you already plan on using marijuana in this way. If none of this information resonates with you and your lifestyle, please consider other alternatives. But if you do decide that getting marijuana from a dispensary is right for you, please ensure that your trip is as safe as possible.