Grand Dragon Lottery: New Lottery Provider on Maxim88 Malaysia

As a registered member of Maxim88, you must be familiar with the betting site’s openness to innovation and new development. The Malaysia online casino provides the latest games and bets odds to patrons frequently. In this way, members get to access the latest slot games, casino games, fishing games, or sports/esports odds. All these are enjoyed on a safe, secure, and highly responsible Maxim88 site and app. 

Among the newly introduced games on Maxim88 are lottery games from Grand Dragon Lottery. Now, the Malaysian online casino members can enjoy a wide range of lotto games from the well-renowned game provider. If you are already registered, you can proceed to check out the new lottery game provider. Otherwise, you need to sign up and access your Maxim88 account. Understandably, it is only right to know about Grand Dragon Lottery before diving into its ocean of lotto games. Learn everything you need to know below:

Introducing Grand Dragon Lottery on Maxim88

Recently, Maxim88 introduced a new lottery game provider known as Grand Dragon Lottery (GD Lotto). As a Maxim88 user, simply click on the “LOTTERY” gaming category on the betting site to access the game provider. The Cambodia-based lottery game developer focuses on providing Live 4 Digit numbers. The games are streamed from the lottery machines positioned in the Grand Dragon Lottery studio. Millions of lottery game enthusiasts appreciate Grand Dragon Lottery for ensuring transparency and being innovative. Meanwhile, the lotto game provider understands the importance of responsible gaming. 

By choosing to play lottery games on Maxim88, you’ll be playing 4D Big, 4D Small, 4D A, and other lottery game packages from Grand Dragon Lottery. The provider is focused on fairness and a secure betting experience. Likewise, Maxim88 is committed to premium betting standards. This is achieved by using multiple security protocols to protect the player’s privacy and confidentiality. Furthermore, the online casino offers multiple betting services, including lucrative offers, excellent customer support, mobile app lottery betting, etc. This enables every member to have a memorable gaming experience. 

Maxim88 Lottery: How to play Grand Dragon Lottery games

As briefly mentioned earlier, new members need to register on Maxim88 to access Grand Dragon Lottery games on the Malaysia online casino. This allows members to have personalized login details, including usernames and passwords. With your details, you can then return to the Maxim88 homepage to click on “Login” and access your account. 

Afterward, you can select GD lotto to bet. At this stage, you can choose your preferred numbers from thirty different winning positions. This begins from A to M. On Grand Dragon Lottery, the betting preferences are categorized into three packages:

  1. 4D Big or Small: This means players may choose to bet on the big package game or the small package game of 4D. In this case, the player’s prediction needs to match the 4D number from the possible 23 winning results. If you prefer to play the 4D Small package, the winning 4D number can be matched to any possible three prizes, including the first, second, and third numbers. Note that the prizes in the 4D Small package are bigger than the 4D Big package. However, the prizes also may vary in the 4D Big package. 
  2. 4D A or 3D A: This is also referred to as the 4D Single A Package. In this case, you need to predict all four digits correctly to match the first prize. There is no second or third prize in this package. Alternatively, you may choose to play the 3D A package. This group requires that the last three digits of the winning number match the first 3D prize number. While this is more challenging and trickier, the reward is more significant. 
  3. 3D ABC: Here is another rewarding package to explore on the Grand Dragon lottery. In this case, you need to match the last three digits of the winning number against the first 4D prize numbers. The prize on 3D ABC is also mind-blowing. 

Now that you understand the available gaming packages on GD lotto games, let’s move to the process. Follow the step-by-step guide below:

Step 1: Visit your preferred gaming package.

Step 2: Fill out your predicted winning numbers. In this case, you may choose to do it manually or use the Quick Pick machine for you. 

Step 3: Pay for the games entered, and you’ll have a ticket given. This includes your details, which can be used to claim the prize.

Maxim88 Lottery: What are potential prizes on Grand Dragon Lottery games

As with many lottery game providers, the winners can receive different levels of prizes. By choosing to play Grand Dragon Lottery games, you may win from the following categories:

  • First Prize: This is the ultimate winner with a potential winning worth $2,500, depending on your stakes.
  • Second Prize: By coming as the first runner-up, you can win close to $1,000, depending on your stakes. 
  • Third Prize: This refers to the second runner-up. As a second runner-up, you can win up to $500. 
  • Starter Prize: If you are lucky enough to emerge as part of the Starter’s pick, you can win close to $200.
  • Consolation Prize: This is usually given to some top bettors, and the prize could be up to $60. 

Maxim88 Lottery: Bonuses and promos for lottery enthusiasts

Apart from the lucrative winnings on Grand Dragon lottery games, Maxim88 also offers generous bonuses to new and returning members. Experienced bettors usually use lucrative offers to play more games and potentially win more money. Below are some top bonuses and promos to harness on Maxim88 casino as a lottery bettor:

  • Michael Owen Welcome Bonus
  • Crypto Deposit Bonus
  • Celebrate your Birthday at Maxim88 offer
  • Daily Unlimited Reload Bonus
  • All-Games-In-One Welcome Bonus
  • Maxim88 App Reward
  • And lots more. 


Now that you know the key information to start playing lottery games from DG lottery on Maxim88, feel free to get started. Maxim88 is receptive to players in several countries, especially in Asia. The Malaysian online casino supports a wide-ranging of payment methods while the security protocols guarantee safe betting. Don’t be shy to explore and claim the numerous bonuses and promos for members. Good luck!