How Intercoms Can Upgrade Luxury Salon Suites


Upgrading to the next level of client experience in luxury salon suites goes beyond modern interiors and top-notch services. Today, salon owners are discovering the transformative power of advanced access control systems, and intercoms are at the forefront of this evolution. In this article, we delve into the ways intercoms elevate the ambiance, security, and overall productivity of luxury salon suites. 

Why is Salon Suite Security Important?

Salon suite access control is crucial for several reasons, ranging from ensuring the safety of clients to the overall success of the business itself.

Improve Client Satisfaction and Trust

Salon suite security ensures the confidentiality and privacy of client information, fostering trust between salon owners, staff, and their clients. So, taking robust security measures at salons strengthens trust between clients and stylists, while also safeguarding a client’s personal information — like debit and credit card data.

Protect Your Assets

Salon suites often contain expensive equipment, tools, and luxury products. So, modern security measures protect these valuable assets from theft, tampering, and damage. What’s more, salons often store client and business data electronically. So, security measures are crucial for protecting this sensitive information.

Prevent Unauthorized Access

Robust security measures control and limit access to the salon suite, preventing unauthorized individuals from entering the space. These measures help ensure peace of mind for both clients and salon suite owners.

Maintain a Luxury Image

A secure salon suite elevates the overall professional image of the salon staff and the space itself. So, clients are more likely to trust a salon that takes their security seriously. This trust allows clients to relax and enjoy the salon’s luxury services in a safe and secure environment. What’s more, maintaining a luxury image increases the likelihood of clients returning and recommending the salon to friends and family.

How Intercoms Upgrade Access at Salon Suites

From enhancing client-stylist communication to fortifying security measures, modern intercoms are the key to unlocking a new era of excellence in salon management. This cutting-edge technology is becoming an indispensable asset for salon owners seeking to redefine luxury and elevate the salon experience for both clients and staff alike.

Key Benefits of Video Intercoms for Salon Suites

Salon suites are one of the fastest-growing sectors in the salon industry, estimated to grow from roughly $4 billion today to $6 billion by 2027. So, every salon suite needs a robust yet modern access control solution to streamline client access to the property.

Boost Security

Investing in a video intercom system offers salon suites enhanced security. By combining audio and visual elements, video intercoms enable secure verification of clients and staff, reducing the risk of unauthorized entry. This not only bolsters the safety of the salon owner, stylists, clients, and their valuables, but also ensures the protection of client privacy. 

Visually Verify Clients and Staff

Video intercoms provide salon professionals with real-time visual confirmation of individuals requesting access to the suite. By providing a real-time video feed, salon owners can ensure that only authorized clients, staff, or service providers are granted entry. This level of visual verification not only prevents unauthorized access, but also offers a heightened sense of control and awareness. So, salon owners can monitor entrance activity, even from a distance, empowering them to manage salon access more efficiently.

Streamline Deliveries

From equipment and luxury products to styling tools, salon suites get a regular stream of deliveries to their businesses. A video intercom offers a seamless way for salon owners and stylists to manage deliveries seamlessly and efficiently. With a robust video intercom, delivery couriers can securely complete deliveries without the owner even needing to be present. 

How to Modernize Access at Salon Suites

Modernizing access at salon suites not only offers a luxurious client experience for customers, but also streamlines access to and throughout a business. Here are a few ways to modernize access at luxury salon suites today:


Keypads are a convenient, keyless solution to ensure secure access to protected spaces like break rooms. It’s common for salons and spa suites to have staff-only rooms where clients aren’t allowed. So, keypads are a great way to ensure that only authorized staff can access those spaces.

Smart Locks

Smart locks empower staff and customers to access entry points with their smartphones. This eliminates the need for physical keys that can be susceptible to being lost, stolen, or cloned.

Elevator Controls

If your salon suite or spa has an elevator, smart elevator controls empower you to manage access to certain floors. So, individuals can only gain entry to pre-approved spaces.

Front Desk Station

Smart technology like video intercoms offer a convenient front desk station for automatic check-ins. So, clients can check themselves into their appointments without a staff member physically needing to be there. This significantly cuts down on the redundant task of manually checking in clients and empowers staff to focus on more essential duties.


Video intercoms are a particularly robust solution for maintaining the privacy and safety of clients, ensuring that only trusted individuals enter the salon environment. Overall, video intercoms empower salon owners with a modern and effective security solution that goes beyond traditional access control by offering a secure and professional salon atmosphere.