How To Choose Best Alarm System?

Many wireless alarms are compatible with the Smart Home system. Those who want to buy an alarm often have the question of why a wireless security system is better than a wired one. There are a lot of advantages of contactless models.

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The key is ease of installation. Installation does not require complex work, which is especially important if the room has recently been renovated. It will also not be difficult to turn off and dismantle the alarm when moving.

Another benefit is reliability. Wired burglar alarms are easier to damage. Violation of one of the elements can lead to failure of the entire system. The undeniable advantages include increased functionality, ease of use and the ability to operate offline.

Criteria of choice

To select an alarm, consider the following parameters:

  1. Equipment:The set is selected taking into account the number of windows, doors, rooms and the total area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe premises. A complete security system is a central hardware node to which sensors, sound sirens, surveillance cameras and other equipment are connected. The simplest GSM alarms are 1 universal device. However, such models are less reliable and do not provide a high level of protection against penetration.
  2. Nutrition method:Most GSM alarms are powered by a built-in battery. When buying, you need to take into account the capacity of the battery, as it affects the battery life. Some models in the rating are able to work without recharging for several years. It is desirable that the case has a connector for an auxiliary USB cable. This will allow you to use additional batteries that last longer than standard batteries.
  3. Number of supported devices: The central node of the wireless security system supports a limited number of connected devices. Their number varies from 6-8 to several dozen.
  4. Alert notifications:GSM alarms interact with the owner’s phone. When an emergency occurs, the device sends an SMS message or Push notification to the phones connected to the system. Also, many alarms can be tied to the control panel of a security company. In the event of an alarm, a message will be sent to the control panel, which will ensure a prompt response from the service.
  5. Control method:To control GSM alarms, an application on Android or IOS is usually used. Also, in some kits, a remote control is supplied, with which you can turn the security on or off, configure, add new users.
  6. Working temperature:Climatic conditions affect the performance of security equipment. Low temperature and high humidity can disable devices or cause false alarms. Therefore, when buying, you should pay attention to the temperature range at which the device remains fully functional.
  7. Availability of photo and video recording:The security alarm system kit can be supplemented with a compact camera. If the sensor detects movement or a burglary attempt, the device automatically takes a photo or video recording of the intruders.

Separately, it should be said that the functionality of burglar alarms from different manufacturers is very different. Therefore, when buying, it is recommended to carefully read the functionality.

How it works?

The system consists of sensors that are installed on objects that are most exposed to danger: windows, doors, shop windows. Smoke and gas detectors can also be included in the system. If a home is broken into or a gas leak occurs, an alarm is triggered. The data is transmitted to the control device, sometimes accompanied by an audible siren. You can choose a kit with a set of sensors and a control panel that has a display and buttons for settings, or purchase the components separately and receive information on your smartphone. The systems also use key fobs, with which the owner can arm the building, disarm it or give an SOS signal.

 What is the purpose of Signaling?

  • Security:In building control systems, it can be used in combination with video surveillance and motion sensors.
  • Warning: When a door is broken or a window is broken, a high-decibel siren turns on, which scares off the intruder and attracts the attention of eyewitnesses.
  • Containment: If the building has an alarm, and burglars know about it, then the risk of their penetration is reduced. They will choose a more vulnerable object.
  • Safety:The alarm can be used to send burglary, fire or smoke alarms to police and emergency services.

Selection Tips

Decide on an appointment. You can install sensors on the door, window, cabinet, safe, display case, etc. They differ in the way they operate, for example, breaking or breaking. Choose a kit with the required number of devices or assemble them individually.


Consider connection type. Depending on the type of sensors, a wired or wireless, autonomous method is used. The latter makes the alarm less vulnerable, since the operation is guaranteed even in the event of a power outage (powered by batteries).