How to Cure Joint Pain?

Joint pain has affected many people over the years due to increased pressure from within a joint. 

It is undoubtedly an uncomfortable feeling and can often cause a person much pain. It can make everyday activities difficult, playing sports and working for example. It can also make it hard to enjoy life. For many people, joint pain is something they put up with or feel is part of life.

If you are struggling with joint pain, you might’ve tried many methods to reduce them — consulting doctors or taking supplements for joint pain. However, you must go to the problem’s crux if they don’t feel effective.

Here are some types of common joint pain:


Osteoarthritis is the most common joint condition present in the world today. It is a condition of arthritis that causes degeneration of the cartilage and bones of the joints. Although arthritis can be caused due to several different factors, most commonly, it is due to wear and tear on the joints due to age.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a very similar condition to osteoarthritis. However, rheumatoid arthritis is caused by an autoimmune disease. This means that the body’s immune system is attacking the joint and causing inflammation, which is the hallmark of rheumatoid arthritis.


Lupus is a disease that causes abnormal inflammation. This condition can cause damage to the joints, bones, and tissues.

When it comes to solutions, one solution which people commonly look for is surgery. However, it is important to get to the crux of the problem and then look for a solution. Here are some pain supplements that help:

  • Glucosamine

Glucosamine is an enzyme that naturally occurs in the body. It is produced in cells surrounding the joints and other areas of the body. For example, the cartilage secretes the enzyme in the joint.

The cartilage in the joint is responsible for providing a layer of protection for the bone and the joint itself. It can also cause friction between the bones, and the bones can become loose and prone to wear.

All of the body needs glucosamine. However, the amount that needs to be consumed depends on several factors. These include the person’s age, sport, and level of joint wear and tear. Glucosamine supplements are widely available and can be purchased in tablet form.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric is a spice that is commonly found in curries. However, it is also widely used as a spice in other dishes. Turmeric is readily available in most supermarkets and is relatively inexpensive. Not only can it help with joint pain, but it can also help to prevent certain diseases.

 The chemical components of turmeric are responsible for providing it with its anti-inflammatory properties. The use of turmeric for joint pain is relatively new. However, several studies are showing positive results.

It has been found to help reduce joint pain caused by arthritis; it can be mixed with water to form a paste. This paste is then painted onto the joints. Lastly, turmeric can also be added to hot baths.

  • MSM

MSM is a compound that is found in small amounts in the body. Some tissues such as the skin, muscles, and tendons are produced in the body. 

MSM can be used in many ways — It can help to reduce pain in and around the joints, and It can help to increase mobility by reducing joint pain. MSM tablets are the most commonly prescribed supplements for joint pain caused by arthritis.


Joint pain is a very complex condition. There are a multitude of different factors which contribute to joint pain. As a result, the severity of joint pain can vary from person to person. Some joint pain can be mild and barely noticeable, while others can be severe and debilitating. However, it can be combatted with the correct treatment and the right medicines.