How To Design Custom Packaging Box For Your Brand


Having custom packaging for your products is an essential step toward the appropriate representation, promotion, and development of your brand. Customized packaging boxes not only enhance the presentation and overall appeal of your products but also communicate their quality and distinguished individual identity.

It also renders the brand the opportunity to choose the right kind of packaging material to ensure the safety of its products during shipping or transportation. Customized and attractive packaging using colorful and printed cardboard boxes increases the overall value of the product while enhancing the customer experience, which is definitely not the case with standard and monotonous packaging alternatives.

Moreover, there are various options and alternatives, like printed boxes, die-cut boxes, corrugated boxes, etc., to choose from. Still, you need to be mindful of certain aspects while designing the most suitable, functional, and practical cardboard boxes for packaging your products.

So, here we have enlisted some essential aspects, including considerations for candle packaging, to help you design the most suitable and ideal custom packaging box for your brand.

Keep Your Business in Mind

The first thing that you have to be mindful of is to keep the nature of your business in mind. The packaging design you choose must reflect the essence and motto of your brand, as it can affect the overall image of the business. So, make sure that the packaging aligns well with the brand and the product that it is carrying.

Select The Appropriate Cardboard Box

There are different types of cardboard boxes available in the market, like corrugated boxes, die-cut boxes, chipboard boxes, fiberboard boxes, etc. You must decide which type and variety of cardboard would be the most durable, suitable, and sturdy for carrying your products.

For example- if you are in the beauty, wellness, or food business, artsy and well-built die-cut boxes would be the ideal fit for you to provide your customers with a peek of the product. If your business deals in fragile glass products, it would be best to pack them into corrugated boxes decorated with prints, stickers, calligraphies, or caricatures of your choice. All in all, the type of cardboard should be chosen in accordance with the nature of the product.

Discuss With Your Manufacturer

It is also advisable to discuss the designs that you have in mind with the manufacturer. They will assist you in finalizing the designs or making them more functional or practical. They also have the appropriate knowledge about the different types of boxes and can suggest the right color, design, or pattern for your printed cardboard boxes. Discussing with the manufacturer will also help you know if they can create the boxes you want for your products.

Design with the latest trends

The change in trends is not just limited to the products but also applies to their packaging. The packaging of your products should be done keeping in mind the latest designs that are trending in the market. You are required to do extensive research about the latest packaging trends to know what types of packaging boxes can appeal to and attract your target customers. Before selecting a design, you need to have the answers to certain rebranding questions to be sure that the design you are choosing is going to help you in the long run

Keep the purpose of packaging in mind

The purpose of the packaging is an essential deciding factor. You must decide if the packaging will be predominantly used for shelving, storing, or transporting. It also helps you finalize the material required for packaging, as you can use boxes of regular quality for transportation purposes. If the packaging is going to be used for storing or shelving, then you would need stronger and better quality cardboard boxes.

The suitable color scheme and outer layout

The color scheme and the outer layout of the boxes should be decided according to the brand or the product. Some brands prefer going with their signature color scheme infused with personalized and unique packaging designs, while some brands like to develop the design from scratch. In the latter case, the colors should be chosen according to the type of products.

For example- food companies should choose warm colors like red, green, orange, and yellow for their printed cardboard boxes, whereas beauty brands should choose peppy colors to attract the attention of customers. Similarly, the brands dealing in products related to self-care and wellness should choose soft pastel colors.

The same goes for the outer designs and patterns.

The functionality and practicality of the packaging

While going all artsy, experimental, and creative with the design, do not forget to ensure its practicality, functionality, and durability. Packaging with an attractive design that can not contain the items packed in it safely and securely isn’t of much use either to the brand or to the customers. So, it is vital for you to keep this aspect in mind as well.


Keeping these necessary aspects and points under consideration will help you design an attractive, appropriate, and functional custom packaging box for your products that would help you enhance the presentation, value, and worth of your products and improve the company’s brand image. Presentable and attractive packaging also makes the brand appear more trustable and reliable while providing ultimate service and satisfaction to your customers.