Sometimes the facial features are not in sync with each other. It can impact aesthetical harmony. There are times when there is structural damage to the nose, which needs to be repaired. It can help you to breathe better. All of this is done, through Rhinoplasty Toronto. Also known as the nose job, this procedure reshapes the nose that it changes its outward appearance and form. It transforms the function and structure of the nose, and it is done by remodelling the nose. It is a popular cosmetic procedure.

When should you consider Rhinoplasty?

There are various reasons why you can consider this procedure. One is to change this distinguishing characteristic of the face. Rhinoplasty can change the physical trauma, genetic nose and prior attempts at enhancement. Some common concerns addressed are a droopy tip, boxy tip or bulbous tip. You can also choose to get the dorsal bump refined and improve the profile of the nose. The width of the nose can, and nostrils can be increased or decreased. You can also change the rotation/angle of the tip. The changes brought about through surgery are also customized as per the patients’ requirements. Apart from bringing about the aesthetical change, the procedure can be considered when a structural change is required. Rhinoplasty is an option when the patient suffers from snoring or chronic nasal congestion or has difficulty in breathing.

What happens during Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is performed by putting the patient under general anaesthetic or local anaesthesia with IV sedation. The procedure can last from an hour to three hours. It depends on the goals of the surgery and its complexities. When minimally invasive results are needed, the closed method of Rhinoplasty is chosen. When the surgeon uses this technique, they perform the surgery through the incisions made inside the nose. This approach requires greater precision and care. The other technique is the open method, in which the surgeon has greater access to the nose. This access is given to them by making a small inverted V incision between the nostrils. Both techniques can help you to achieve the desired outcome.

What are some of the side effects associated with it?

It is necessary to be under anaesthesia for undergoing a nose job. There are chances that one might react to it. But these reactions are rare and can be easily managed by medical professionals. To ensure that the procedure is comfortable, disclose your medical history and the prescribed medication. During Rhinoplasty, the cartilage, delicate bones and soft tissues are altered and dissected. It leads to swelling and bruising. You might even experience pain in the first few days. But it can be easily managed, with the help of pain medication. Osteotomies or black eye is normal for the first couple of weeks. If you have been consuming blood-thinning medication, it might take longer for it to settle.