How to Understand Bad Credit Loans?

Payday Loans for bad credit are one of the most sought-after loan options for borrowers with low credit scores. And while the loan options are pretty common, many borrowers still find it difficult to land them for one reason or the other.

If you are in that number, then you’re in luck as this piece shall explore just how you can access payday loans for bad credit at one of the most trusted brokers named WeLoans. Also, we’ll explain the basics of bad credit loans, for the benefit of those who are relatively new to the concept.

What are bad credit loans?


Have you ever been told that your credit score isn’t high enough for a particular loan or financial institution? Well, a bad credit loan is essentially one that allows you to take some money on credit, even with poor credit. They come from lenders who are willing to offer services to bad credit scorers and are usually at a fixed rate. 

Getting a bad credit loan with less severe terms has proven difficult for some. This is exactly where brokers come in. Loan brokers like WeLoans serve to connect lenders with borrowers. You can find bad credit loans with WeLoans for your needs online. And that process will be discussed better in the subsequent paragraphs.

Do you need collateral for bad credit loans? 

This is one of the most-asked questions concerning bad credit loans. Generally, collateral is used to secure loans. As such, when you borrow with collateral, you are essentially credited based on the strength of your assets, liabilities, etc, making you credit-worthy. That is not the case with bad credit loans. You do not need collateral to access bad credit loans online. 

You may also be interested in knowing how bad credit loans are issued. And it all depends on the institution that is lending. However, the following are some of the most common factors that are considered by lending firms, when issuing bad credit loans:

  • Income, monthly and annually
  • Credit checks
  • History of repayment,
  • Initial deposits, etc.

Best kinds of bad credit loans to explore 

Before you learn how to get a bad credit loan online, Eric Bank, author at WeLoans suggested taking a brief peek at some of the most common bad credit loans.

Payday loans

Just as the name implies, a payday loan for bad credit is essentially money you can borrow for bills, before the next paycheck. In essence, you need active income, to access payday loans for bad credit, as lenders will be considering your capacity to pay back, when due. So payday loans are an excellent place to start if you’ve got bad credit, but with active income. 

As established, payday loans do not necessarily depend on credit score, but on your capacity to pay back. Hence, the major determinant of getting a payday loan is income, be it on a monthly or yearly basis. So yes once again it is allowed to get payday loans even with bad credit. 

Installment loans for bad credit 

Installment loans are another prominent type of credit loan, which allows you to pay back in parts, over time. So essentially, your loan amount, plus the interest is calculated, and you are placed on a longer-term plan for repayment. Also, the repayment plan usually follows a monthly pattern. In all, you should be going for an installment loan, if you are looking at the long term. 

Secure bad credit loans 

Remember how collaterals work right? Well, you’ll need one to get a secured bad credit loan. These loans are usually big money loans, in thousands of dollars, and with more favorable rates and terms. This is because you get leverage on a whole new level when you secure a bad credit loan with cars, housing properties, and generally valuable assets. 

Small loans for bad credit 

Small loans for bad credit are about the opposite of secure loans. They are usually a few hundred dollars and are mostly paid swiftly, that is without a long-term payment plan. So if you need just a little bit of cash for immediate use, you should opt for small loans for bad credit.

How to get a bad credit loan online?

Ultimately, the big question is how do I access bad credit loans online? Well, the process is pretty straightforward as you only have to choose a reliable online brokerage as WeLoans. And for better clarity, let’s walk you through the precise steps to getting a loan for bad credit online at WeLoans. 


Putting in an application is the first thing you’ll have to do, once you get to Weloan’s official site. At the site, you can just click the orange “Get Started” button to proceed to the application page.

The application process begins by selecting a loan amount and proceeding to provide all the information that is required, including an email address, contact info, residential address, etc. Once you provide everything necessary, proceed to submit the application form. 

Choose offers

You should be getting an offer in no time as WeLoans only partners with efficient financial institutions. So you can then explore the offers and find a suitable one. 

Get paid

After you choose a loan offer, ensure to check and agree to the terms of the loan, to get paid. And provided everything is done right, you should be funded within 24 hours of the agreement. 

Final words 

So there you have it, a detailed exposition of what bad credit loans are and how to access them as promised. So far, we’ve given enough insight into bad credit loans that you never have to struggle with anything. Furthermore, endeavor to access bad credit loans only from the trusted broker WeLoans, to ensure a smooth operation.