Ibiza as a Club Resort: Stereotype or Reality

Everyone associates Ibiza with a club resort. Yet, is it a stereotype or reality? Are there any other things to do in Ibiza? Let’s find out!

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What we know about Ibiza

Ibiza is located in the Mediterranean Sea and belongs to the Balearic Islands group. The closest Spanish city is Valencia, which is 150 km from the island. Reaching Ibiza is possible by water and air. Arriving by plane takes about 40-45 minutes while taking a ferry will be much slower. Getting around the island is easy via buses, taxis, and vehicle hire. A personal auto in Ibiza is a fantastic option for every holiday, especially if you find low car hire prices.

What Ibiza is famous for

The first reason people visit this island concerns parties, which are the most prominent in Europe. The list of famous DJs who performed there includes Marshmello, Kygo, The Chainsmokers, David Guetta, and many others! About 20 clubs are located in Ibiza, so there are enough places to dance. People come to this island to experience the unique nightlife and the Balearic beat – a remarkable dance mix born in Ibiza.

The second reason to visit Ibiza is to try the other activities available on the island. It can be strolling alongside numerous beaches or exploring Dalt Vila and its historical sights. And with Jeep hire Ibiza options, you will not miss any single activity. Book your perfect car today, and do not worry about transport later!

Ibiza and its clubs

As we mentioned, Ibiza is a known worldwide party place with about 20 famous clubs. Get acquainted with some of them, hire a car Ibiza option and get to each of them in time! Do not bother about public transport – set yourself up for music.


Pacha is the oldest club among the others in Ibiza. Furthermore, it is considered to be the most famous one. Founded in 1973, Pacha provides its visitors with glamour, authentic music, and lots of fun. It also has a logo that everyone in Ibiza can distinguish – two cherries.


The history of this place began with Antonino Escohotado, who founded and named the club with a title recognisable everywhere on the island – Amnesia. It won Best Global Club awards in 2011 and once welcomed DJ Alfredo – the father of Balearic beat.


The place is famous for inviting worldwide famous musicians to Ibiza, like Marshmello, David Guetta, etc. Ushuaïa is the biggest and the most spacious venue, which can handle more than 6,000 visitors. Around the club, you can find lots of other properties, like bars and restaurants.

What else Ibiza can offer


Besides visiting clubs, you can do plenty of other things on the island. Eager to try them all? Book Ibiza cars for hire and start an unforgettable journey in a blink of an eye!

Walking around Dalt Vila

Those interested in historical sights can visit Dalt Vila and relax from the nightlife. It is located in the centre of Ibiza, plays a significant cultural role, and is protected by UNESCO. People like this place for its impressive views, esplanades, and bastions.

Sunbathing on Ibiza beaches

Whenever you visit Ibiza, do not miss the local beaches, which number exceeds 70. Each one is unique, spectacular, and surrounded by turquoise waters.

Here are the most popular beaches you can find:

  • Benirrás;
  • Playa d’en Bossa;
  • Cala Pada;
  • Ses Salines;
  • Pou des Lleo;
  • Talamanca.


Ibiza is a famous tourist destination that has a lot to offer. The island’s nightlife is rich in well-known DJs, a unique Balearic beat, and three famous clubs which won numerous awards. So, yes, Ibiza truly is a club resort, but it has something more, like impressive historical sights and spectacular beaches. Come to Ibiza and find out what it means personally for you!