Iconic Three Kingdoms Online Slot Game Now Available at Mega888 Online Gambling

Great news, the popular online slot game based on Chinese history and lore — the Three Kingdoms slot game is available to be played at Mega888 online casino thanks to the collaboration between Microgaming and the Mega888 team. The Three Kingdoms online slot game has been a highly anticipated title ever since 2020 and it has now been released to online casino fans in Malaysia on the Mega888 online gaming platform. Mega888 online casino is always updating and expanding their gaming library with top trending and highly popular online casino games ranging from slot games to the hottest and latest fishing games and live table games.

Play Three Kingdoms online slot game

The Three Kingdoms online slot game is developed and designed based on the popular Chinese historical events, especially with lore and culture surrounding the Han Dynasty which is the most famous period in China since, after WWII, this time period became widely recognised as one of the bloodiest in Chinese history. The lore surrounding Three Kingdoms is not exactly a fresh theme when it comes to video games, there are actually multiple triple A video game title that have been released in the past that are based on the story behind the war between the Three Kingdoms in ancient China. However, the online slot game industry has only tackled this theme a few times, and online slot fans are glad to see Microgaming and Mega888 online casino’s attempt in breathing fresh air into this genre and theme. The Three Kingdoms online slot game has seen a successful launch at Mega888 online casino so far, with the ratings steadily increasing from 4 to 4 and a half star at their online gaming platform with over 1000 voters.

About the Three Kingdoms online slot game

In this highly popular online slot game, there are thirty variable paylines across five reels and three rows in this game. This implies that you may adjust their quantity by using the plus and minus buttons, respectively. The value of each coin varies between 50 cents to 1 MYR. Therefore, if you lower the coin value, the pattern bet will adjust accordingly. The sum based on the preceding parameters will be presented on the total bet platform.  If you press the “max bet” button, your wager across all lines will be increased to that amount. Payout percentage in this game is higher than the industry average of 95%, making it an extremely profitable online slot game to try your hands on at Mega888 online casino Malaysia. Click here https://www.mega888downloader.co/mega888/top-5-mega888-games-with-the-highest-payout/ visit the highest payout online slots games in mega888.

Gaming features, rewards and more

The Auto-spin feature allows you to choose an arbitrary amount of spins. The option completes once the number of spins has been reached or the “stop” button is pressed. Auto-spin will stop after the bonus game has been completed if this option triggers it. The spinning will resume after that. You may find information about the jackpot, bonuses, and icons under the “Info” tab that is shown at the corner of the screen when the game is launched either on mobile or desktop browser. The Three Kingdoms online slot game generously rewards the players with free spins, to active free spin rounds, all the player has to do is gather three or more Scatter symbols that show up in any combination of positions on the board.  When the free rounds begin, the player will get to pick one, two, or three heroes to play as. The hero in green is Guan Yu, and he is competing for a different reward than the other heroes. If it completely fills the first column, you get 15 free spins. The one in the gray suit will let you spin for free 10 times. The third hero, who is wearing a garment with gray and blue colors, offers the most free spins (up to twenty!)

Special bonus rounds 

This free slot machine available to be played at Mega888 online casino contains a special bonus round in which you may win even more money than normal, the bonus round is known as the ‘Conquer City’ round. In order to trigger the ‘Conquer City’ bonus, at least three identical letter icons must land on adjacent paylines. Almost every slot machine has a special icon called a “Wild,” which may substitute for any other icon in the game (apart from the Scatter and Letter icons). Scatter Icons can appear at any location on the board and cannot be replaced. When Scatters appear, additional rounds are usually unlocked. A large structure resembling a fortress is depicted.

Instant Win feature (and how to trigger it

Every few instances a Chinese beauty will show up, though they are incredibly rare. This symbol will need to appear  on every column in a row in order for the Instant Win feature to be activated. Triggering this Instant Win feature will reward the player with a high amount of prize money, it is the highest goal the player can achieve while playing this game. Another way to trigger the Instant Win feature in Three Kingdoms online slot game is when a token depicting a man with a green cap appears before a card depicting a horse that is next to it.  The award is equal to double the initial bet, hence its value is determined by the total amount wagered.

Be the next player to win the jackpot at Mega888 online casino

Like any other progressive online slot game available at Mega888 online casino, the jackpot in this game grows as more people play. Online slot games with progressive jackpots have always been the most popular game to play at the online casino. You may play this game for free or for real money in two distinct online versions. If the latter, the player will really utilize the value of the coin in the game. Be warned though, this game is highly addicting to play, you can’t stop playing this game once you start. Players keep coming back for more of this game because of the intuitive visual design and the constant stream of surprises. Get the full Chinese dynasty experience by playing Three Kingdoms for real money at Mega888 online casino.