Ideas for Making YouTube Content

Anyone is able to make a YouTube channel. It’s free, easy to start, and you are able to reach billions of people. Nonetheless, it’s difficult to pick a topic to center the channel on. 

Often people tell you to go with your passion, which is a good start. However, particular subjects are more popular than others, as well as some forms of content are far easier to make. 

The first thing you need to do when you create a channel is picking what type of content you are going to produce. Thus, figure out what you are good at, and if there is an audience. From there, select your name and make a logo and cover art. 

After you have started, you want to get views and subscribers as fast as possible. The good news is that there are smart ways to grow your channel, and if you’re consistent you could be on your way to making good money. 

But if you are struggling with ideas, here are some for you to consider:


If you know how to do anything, there will be a video explaining it on YouTube. Most people, if they are unsure about something, will go to Google and YouTube for advice. Therefore, if your content is valuable and helps someone, you’re in with a shout to get plenty of views. 

It can be literally anything, yet tech videos often perform well. If you know how to fix common issues for phones or computers, just record your screen, solve the problem with commentary, and boom you have a YouTube video. 

Many Indian YouTubers produce tutorials and on the whole, are very helpful in a plethora of issues. Some have channels teaching games such as chess or blackjack, and also answer questions in the comment section.  For the famous 21 games, understanding the rules can be difficult because of the variations, so besides YouTube, you can also play demo versions to learn. 

In order to help Indian players, there are platforms that look for all the best online blackjack India sites, where you’re able to play for free, and read expert reviews on safe operators. The games are ranked by experts and rated by real players helping you make a choice. The platform follows strict criteria when assessing these operators. They also provide tips and guides that even veteran players can benefit from. In addition, when you are ready to play, you can claim a juicy welcome bonus to get started. 


For almost anything purchased or consumed online, chances are it’s been reviewed somewhere. YouTube is especially popular for movie or game reviews, and you are able to add a witty or comedic commentary to get views. 

Furthermore, product reviews are massively popular on YouTube, from household items like air fryers to children’s toys. If you really enjoy a product or service, why not post a review on your channel? 

More so, if you’re reviewing a pair of sunglasses, you really like, you have the option of earning money from selling the product. You do this by inserting an affiliate link in your description section, which links straight to the sunglasses on a platform like Amazon. 


Video game content has skyrocketed in recent years and there are plenty of reasons why people watch gaming content on YouTube. If you are really talented at a particular game, or you have a unique character, then this topic is the perfect channel to start. 

It doesn’t have to be playing the most popular games like Fortnite or FIFA, it could be on solitaire or backgammon. If you have entertaining commentary, there’s an audience for almost every game on the planet on YouTube. 


As politics is always in the news, and stories change day-by-day, a channel dedicated to the topic is heavily searched on YouTube. Many people watch analysis of recent political events or listen to politics interviews or podcasts. 

So if you fancy yourself as a politico, brainstorm some political themed videos. It can be anything from current affairs to biographies on the most famous politicians. Additionally, if you are able to add humor to politics, you will be on to a winner. 

As often, it’s a subject that is boring, so political memes and satirical commentary perform very well on YouTube. And as ever, there’s always an opportunity to monetize your content. Whether just from adwords or you start a Substack, with your political content, there is a massive audience out there that is glued to political affairs.