LinkedIn 101: 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier

Did you know that LinkedIn is the most trusted social media network in the US, according to Hootsuite? While it only has just under a billion users, which pales to the several billion Facebook has, those users are focused on business and networking. That’s why it’s worth paying attention if you want to be noticed. Then, you have video creator tools such as’s video maker to make standing out that much easier as well as facilitating the whole video editing process.

Top 10 Tips for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is different to the rest of social media because of its business focus. This means that everyone is professional and courteous. Also, people connect because of their industries or previous jobs. Overall, it has a different feel to the other social media platforms so it’s important to know how to work with LinkedIn and what type of video editor you want to be: 

1- Optimize your profile 

Originally, your profile was essentially your resume. These days, it’s so much. It’s your brand and your online presence in the professional world. That’s why you need to craft the wording properly and add serious volunteer jobs that aren’t just helping out your Mum’s friend. 

On top of that, you need to make sure that your profile is optimized for keywords. Recruiters, business owners and other professionals will all be searching how to connect with you based on business needs. Regardless of the images and videos you post with your video creator, make sure your profile is succinct and memorable. 

2- Leveraging your video creator

Any online video maker allows you to choose the perfect video template. These templates are easy to use and to customize as you wish. You can also easily drag and drop your own content for free that you originally made. So, you can promote yourself on LinkedIn by making an online video for free, for example, or adding images to an article that you’re posting. The idea is to stand out and entice people to connect by using f your industry insights as well as how you make videos. Don’t forget that you can easily add music with no rights reserved before you download your video into LinkedIn. You’ll be amazed at the wide stock of files available from any video maker.

3- Build credibility 

With your video creator, you can make your article and posts stand out. Clearly, you have to make sure they’re well written and insightful. This is the best way to draw people in. Don’t forget that you can also have a business page as well as your personal profile. 

Either way, you’re going to have to connect with at least 500 people before you start seeing the benefits of LinkedIn. People are far more selective than on Facebook and will look for the reason you’re connecting. So, when you do connect, make sure you send a personal message explaining the mutual benefit. There’s nothing worse than receiving a random request for connecting and having no idea why. 

4- Be active 

Part of connecting means being active. You can’t just rely on your video creator to magically get people flocking to your profile. Essentially, you need to get out there and look for people in similar industries and jobs to yours. Then, connect with them and see what they get up to. There’s no need to harass them but like and share their articles and posts and you’ll gain some goodwill. 

5- Connect and congratulate 

Once you’ve connected with people, don’t forget to be personal. LinkedIn has a great feature that tells you people’s work anniversaries. So, congratulate them so that they remember you. It’s amazing how a simple message on LinkedIn can lead to opportunity because suddenly people connect the dots and introduce you to someone else who can help you. 

6- Recommendations 

Recruiters heavily use LinkedIn and they’re always looking for details to differentiate people. Of course, your video creator won’t directly help you with recommendations. Either way, they might find it easier to go to your profile to give their recommendation if you have a great online video or image. 

7- Skills section

Did you know that you can put in up to 50 skills in the skills section? Most people only have a handful but the more you have, the more likely you’ll come up in searches. Add to those skills appealing clips from your video creator and people won’t be able to resist your profile. 

8- Use the extra information wisely 

Of course, you can make a video and some awesome posts to get people to view your profile. Once they do though, make sure that your licenses & certifications and volunteer experience sections all sound professional. You don’t want to make an amazing first video and put people off because you’ve put in random information that has nothing to do with your profile. 

9- Be yourself in your summary but the best 

Believe it or not, people read your summary which is how they judge who you are. So, before you get started with LinkedIn, draft something that makes you sound authentic while leveraging your strengths. It’s then easy to add posts and online videos with your video creator but first, get the words right. 

10- Post to promote yourself 

When you’re ready to post on LinkedIn, make sure you have an eye-catching heading and that you write in short paragraphs. Clearly, you can add videos and music links with your video creator.  The real difference comes when you tag people though. LinkedIn helps you engage with others and encourages conversation alongside allowing you to create videos.

Final Thoughts on LinkedIn and your Video Creator 

LinkedIn is digital business networking. So, you have to follow a slightly different culture but a video maker is just as useful for getting your posts noticed. Simply make sure that your personal and business profiles look professional and interesting. From there, you’ll get all the followers you need to be successful. 

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