M88 and Its Partnership with Global Gaming Organizations

M88 is a popular betting brand in Asia, renowned for its high-quality services and years of experience in the market. Partnering with other betting organizations has played a significant role in M88’s further development. This article will explore the collaborations M88 has established with various betting organizations.

M88’s Collaborations with Betting Organizations

M88 puts a high premium on its reputation, thus ensuring its partnerships with betting organizations are carefully curated. Below are some examples of its collaborations:

1. M88’s Partnership with La Liga

In 2020, M88 signed a collaboration agreement with La Liga, one of the world’s leading soccer leagues, to become its official betting partner in Asia for the period 2020-2024. This partnership offers exciting content to fans across Asia, including exclusive videos featuring La Liga ambassadors. M88 members also have the opportunity to partake in exclusive contests, with chances to win La Liga merchandise, official jerseys, and VIP match tickets.

This collaboration allows M88 to reach a vast potential customer base in soccer-loving nations such as Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia, among others. Consequently, M88’s brand has gained increased recognition among sports enthusiasts globally.

2. Partnership with AFC

M88 has also collaborated with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) to become the official partner of the Asian Cup from 2016-2020. This large-scale event captivates millions of soccer fans worldwide. The collaboration with AFC gives M88 the opportunity to engage new customers and expand its market in Asia.

By leveraging both organizations’ reputations, this partnership has the potential for significant mutual benefits, including:

  • M88 can utilize AFC’s logo and name to bolster its brand, particularly in soccer-fanatic countries.
  • AFC can attract more advertising partners and sponsorships, thus increasing its revenue from betting-related activities.
  • M88 can develop new, customized betting products catering to Asian soccer fans, based on AFC data and analysis.

3. Collaboration with BWF

In 2022, M88 partnered with BWF – the Badminton World Federation, to become the official betting partner of the BWF Major Championships from 2022 to 2024. The aim of this partnership is to enhance the visibility and appeal of the sport of badminton through international sporting events, as well as to increase player interest. Specifically:

  • This collaboration helps M88 and BWF boost their international profiles.
  • M88 regularly organizes events and promotional programs for badminton fans, thereby creating favorable conditions to attract more participants to the sport.
  • M88 provides sponsorships for organizing large-scale badminton events, thereby contributing to improving the quality and professionalism of the tournaments.

Benefits of M88 Collaborating with Betting Organizations

The collaboration between M88 and betting organizations not only brings financial benefits but also serves as an opportunity for M88 to enhance its reputation and credibility. Below are some benefits when M88 collaborates with betting organizations:

  • Strengthening Customer Trust: Collaborating with betting organizations requires M88 to strictly adhere to the regulations and laws of each region. This not only helps M88 avoid legal risks but also strengthens the trust and credibility among customers.
  • Investing in Technology and User Experience: To be competitive and stay ahead of trends, M88 needs to invest in technology to improve customer experience. Supporting customers through various communication channels and providing them with a smooth, intuitive, and convenient experience will help M88 attract more customers.
  • Developing New Services: M88 needs to continually develop new services to meet customer demands. In addition to offering online casino games or sports matches, M88 needs to expand its market by introducing new services that align with customer trends and needs.


In the ever-evolving online betting market, partnerships between M88 and other betting organizations serve as one way for M88 to expand its market and enhance its reputation. With advantages like diverse games, attractive promotions, and professional customer support, M88 will continue to innovate and grow to meet the needs of its players.