Michael Jordan – His Airness

Basketball fans and betting enthusiasts unanimously agree on the greatness of Michael Jordan. Some call him MJ while others refer to Michael Jordan as His Airiness. To all who know him, both personally or in the sporting field, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. Kate Richardson observes that his greatness cannot be summarized in a page, it requires a whole book. She adds that Michael Jordan has been an inspiration to many not just in the field but also in life. He played for fifteen seasons in the NBA where he won the championship title for a record six times while with Chicago.

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Kate has written informative analyses and predictions on the player and Chicago Bulls. Her profile and some of the comprehensive analyses can be accessed here. In this article, we will explore the life of Michael Jordan, His Airiness. We will attempt to answer questions such as how old is Michael Jordanhow much is Michael Jordan worth among other interesting facts about the great basketballer.

MJ represents what success looks like

For more than two decades, Michael Jordan epitomized what success looks like. Every young man wanted to be like him. To his name there is the list of phenomenal accomplishments, talk of his average 31.6 points in every game, the five-time declaration as to the most valuable player in the NBA among other records that any athlete would dream of; this is a player who defines what greatness looks like. His leaping ability and slam dunks that have been replayed countless times earned him titles such as Air Jordan and His Airiness.

To answer the questions that many have been asking,” how old is Michael Jordan” we highlight that the athlete was born on February 17, 1963. Therefore a few days ago he added another cap in his life, he reached the sixth floor.

Not tall enough to play

It would be interesting to learn that a player who has been described by the NBA on their website as the greatest basketball player of all time was once deemed too short to play the game. This was when he tried out for the varsity basketball team during his second year. At that time the player was 1.8 m. One may wonder how tall Michael Jordan is now. Jordan did not lose hope following his rejection to join the varsity team; he wanted to prove his worth. He quickly became a star of the junior varsity team and helped them amass forty points.

The following year, the player had grown 10 cm taller. He was now training rigorously earning him a place on the varsity roster. As a senior in University, Michael Jordan was selected to play in a major tournament where he scored 30 points. This earned him great respect among the college basketball programs including Syracuse, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. He was ultimately accepted for a basketball scholarship to the University of North Carolina where he was to major in Cultural geography.

Chicago bulls

Most people know Michael Jordan playing for the Chicago bulls, there have been arguments whether it is the club that made the player popularly or vice versa is true. Regardless of the case, the two are known to be great in the basketball arena. Jordan’s reign at Chicago bulls was between 1984 and 1993 and then again between 1993 and 1998.

One year after joining the Chicago Bulls, Jordan quickly became the face of a franchise that was once performing dismally. This type of excellence was later to be turned into the NBA when the player was declared the Rookie of the year. No player at this time attracted the kind of attention that MJ did. He moved with prowess and beauty, scoring effortlessly to a league of his own. It is not just in scoring that the player showed prowess and came to acquire a title such as “Air”. He was the ten-time first-team NBA defensive side.


After years of winnings, Michael Jordan was called to quit in 1993 when he announced his first retirement. Reports have it that the player said he had lost the desire to play basketball. He was later to say that his father’s murder three months earlier made him reach that decision. This incident is said to have affected him emotionally as he was close to his father. In his father’s honor, he founded the Chicago Boys and Girls Club. Just as his retirement surprised many, so was his signing in Minor League Baseball with the Chicago White Sox in 1994.

He said that this decision was to pursue his father’s dream of seeing him play at Major League Baseball. His stay at Minor League Baseball was short-lived; he was later to return to the NBA in 1995 where the two words press release “I’m Back” became popular. If it was during the social media era, we would say it was trending. During his eighteen-month hiatus from NBA and Chicago, it is reported that Chicago slipped where it lost some crucial games. The team was struggling and some described it as a shell of the former championship team.

In his basketball career, Jordan’s accolades and accomplishments include:

  • 6 NBA MVPS
  • 10 scoring titles
  • 5 MVP awards
  • 10 All NBA first-team designations
  • 9 all-defensive first-team honors
  • 14 NBA all game selections
  • 3 all-star game MVP awards, among other prestigious awards

Jordan also happens to be the most effectively marketed player in our generation. He has done several product endorsements and fueled the success of sports gear such as the Nike Air Jordan sneakers, sports shoes that remain popular up to this time. He is also famed to be the first billionaire in the NBA with his current worth standing at $ 1.6 billion. Michael Jordan’s story has inspired many, the young and old alike. He is truly a legend worth emulating not just in the sports world but also in business.