Voquent.com Review

VOQUENT.COM is an online voice over platform, but I’m not sure I recommend it. It boasts a huge database of professional voice actors, and a fair system for paying them. But, the website isn’t the most user-friendly or intuitive. Here’s my review of the company’s services. We’ll also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of other similar platforms. Voquent has many positive attributes.

Voquent is an online platform for voice over talent
In addition to its comprehensive database of voice over talent, Voquent also connects customers and clients to the best actors for their projects. The platform allows users to browse and request voice over work from hundreds of different locations around the world. Users also have the option of uploading a demo for consideration by a casting director. However, this process can be tedious, especially for those who aren’t experienced in voice acting.

Once a casting director has decided on the type of voice needed, they will start searching for a voice over talent. This process requires a brief containing the voice actor’s name, gender, age, and accent and language. Sometimes, a production company will pre-select a voice based on demo samples. Regardless of how you go about hiring a voice over talent, keep in mind that time is of the essence – deadlines are always tight.

It has a large database of experienced voice actors
For a variety of audio production needs, Voquent.com provides a large database of experienced voice actors with a range of backgrounds, accents, and languages. With the vast database of voice actors, Voquent makes casting an audio production easier than ever. Voquent’s search bar includes popular demos and media play bars, so casting has never been faster or easier. Voquent’s database of authentic native speakers ensures that each Demo will showcase an actor’s skills, enabling them to reach a diverse clientele.

Whether you’re in search of an acting role or are looking for a one-time gig, Voquent.com can help you find an amazing voice talent. Its large database of voice talent means you can find the perfect fit for a project, whatever the size or scope of the project. The site also features an extensive list of available auditions. To begin your search, simply browse through the available roles and submit your application.

It has a fair system for paying voice actors
Voquent has an excellent reputation for paying voice actors fairly and efficiently. Its sample card system and approval process make it easy for customers to find the perfect tone and voice. It also ensures that voice actors earn a fair rate, which is an important issue when competing with pay-to-play sites. Moreover, Voquent’s success rate is very high, and they compete with some of the best agencies representing voice talent globally.

Although Voquent is a web platform that allows voice actors to list their demos for free, it still requires an investment of time and effort from each member. Voquent has tens of thousands of voice actors in its database, most of whom have impressive resumes, prestigious awards, and exemplary Demos. While it can be difficult to actively seek more jobs on Voquent, it is possible to catch a break from time to time. Moreover, being a member of Voquent can open up new doors and opportunities, including a full-fledged post-production service.

It has a bad website
This website is not designed for 2013. Instead, it feels old and outdated. The cartoonish header has some meaningful animation, but the overall theme isn’t in line with the services and brand image of the company. The website lacks the proper header and footer. Users can’t find what they’re looking for quickly. The website also suffers from issues with mobile compatibility, accessibility, usability, and performance. You might not know how to move forward without improving the looks, but if you want your website to be considered a success, you’ve got to improve usability.