What Are The Different Types Of Sans Serif Fonts Available At Typetype Foundry?

Sans serif fonts are popular with graphic designers and typographers for their sleek and modern look. They are versatile and can be used for various purposes, such as logos, websites, and branding materials. TypeType Foundry is a leading provider of high-quality fonts, including a vast selection of sans serif fonts. This article will explore the different sans-serif fonts available at TypeType Foundry.

TypeType foundry sans serif fonts

Sans serif fonts do not have any small lines, known as “serifs,” at the end of the strokes that make up the letters. They are often used for their clean, modern look and readability, making them popular for digital media, logos, and branding materials.

TT Norms

TT Norms is a geometric sans serif font family with ten weights, ranging from Thin to Black. It has a clean, modern design with rounded edges and a large x-height, making it easy to read at smaller sizes. This font family is ideal for editorial, branding, and web design.

TT Commons

TT Commons is a popular sans-serif font family with a straightforward design and legible letterforms. It comes in nine weights, from Thin to Black, and includes various OpenType features, such as ligatures and alternate characters. This font family is great for web design, branding, and signage.

TT Hoves

TT Hoves is a modern sans-serif font family with a unique and distinctive design. It features angled strokes and geometric shapes, giving it a futuristic feel. This font family comes in nine weights, from Thin to Black, and is an excellent choice for branding, packaging, and editorial design.

TT Octosquares font

TT Octosquares is a unique and distinctive sans serif font family from TypeType Foundry. It features a bold and playful design with octagonal shapes forming the letters. The font family includes five weights, from Thin to Black, and includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, and punctuation.

TT Octosquares is an excellent branding, packaging design, and advertising choice. Its playful and bold design makes it perfect for products aimed at younger audiences, such as toys or tech products. The font family is also well-suited for use in logos, where its unique design can help make a brand stand out.

In addition to its distinctive design, TT Octosquares is highly readable, making it a practical choice for digital media and print materials. Its bold and chunky design can help draw the reader’s eye, while its clean lines and shapes ensure the text is easy to read.

TT Octosquares is a unique and versatile font family that can add a playful and bold touch to any design project. Whether you’re designing a logo, creating packaging for a product, or designing a website, TT Octosquares is a font family worth considering.


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