What Does a Wrong Direction Hair Transplant Look Like?

If you compare it to see a simple picture, permanent hair transplantation is like a kind of art that requires a lot of delicacies. Therefore, you must choose a doctor who has the expertise and is well trained. Otherwise, the hair that has been planted will grow as expected, but it may point in the wrong direction and make the customer’s hair look unnatural.

An easy way to observe whether the hair is grown in the wrong direction is that the hair planted will point to the person in a different direction from the original hairline and is more difficult to style than usual because the new hair will always point out.

When you read to this point, can you see how important it is to choose a hair transplant clinic that has a standard and choose an experienced doctor? But it happens if the customer has planted their hair and accidentally pushed it in the wrong direction. Two options can be solved: pierce the hide in the wrong order and grow it back.

Or is there another way? Transplanted hair that has been inserted in the direction But both of these methods have to risk each other again that after the second round of planting, your hair will grow up or not.

The recommendation is a simple method if you do not want to waste time planting and to fix the second round. You can try it yourself at home. Use a comb or wax, spray, or gel to style the hair in the direction the customer wants to do daily. This method forces the hair in the order you want it to be. But it does not guarantee that the hair will be healed as usual after doing it. It just helps customers feel a little more comfortable. The best way is to choose a clinic and a doctor who specializes in it, so there is no need to get into trouble and have to be planted later.

Once again, you would like to reiterate that an excellent permanent hair transplant should choose a doctor with expertise. Don’t choose because it’s cheap only with love and care from Dr. Ziakas Clinic.

Hair transplant process

  1. The doctor will determine the approximate location where the hair will be transplanted and discuss it with the patient.
  2. The doctor will prepare before surgery by shaving the part of the hair that will be transplanted or without shaving the entire hair, but only the selected region is cut shorter than the others. After the surgery, there will still be some hair to cover the part with the surgical wound.
  3. The doctor will give you sleeping pills. When the drug takes effect, the doctor will inject an anesthetic around the area where the hair roots will be removed.
  4. When the drug works, the doctor will begin to take out the root of the hair. At this stage, there are different methods between FUE hair transplant and FUT hair transplant.
  • FUE hair transplant, the surgeon uses an electric machine to pierce the hair follicles out. Soak the roots of the hair in a solution for soaking the organs waiting to be transplanted. So that cells do not die while outside the body.
  • FUT hair transplant, the surgeon cuts off some of the scalps. Then sew the wounds together. Remove the scalp. Let’s slide and cut each clump of hair follicle apart.
  1. When the root of the hair is planted, the doctor will inject a local anesthetic in the area that needs to be transplanted, and then use the Implanter to gradually grow the hair one by one in the most suitable position and direction. To make the results look beautiful and the most natural.