What is the Process of Drug and Alcohol Addiction Detox?

Admitting that you need help in wanting to overcome drug and alcohol addiction is no easy thing to do. And wanting to get help is just the first step of many steps in overcoming serious addiction. When you are ready to overcome your drug and alcohol addiction, the first thing you will need to enter is a drug and alcohol addiction detox facility. The detox is simply a step of overcoming the physiological dependency of the substance in the drug and alcohol addiction recovery process.

Drug and Alcohol Detox in Washington State process of overcoming physical and mental addiction to them. The primary goal of detox is to completely rid the body of all the nasty toxins that the drug and alcohol have put into your body. During this stage, your body will go through what is called a drug and alcohol withdrawal process. This process is what many drug and alcohol addicts fear and why a lot of them do not get the help that they so desperately need. Once the body overcomes the withdrawal process, it is a day-to-day battle fighting to live a better and happier life.

Of course, each individual’s drug and alcohol withdrawal process will vary due to how severe the frequency and the amount of consumption was. This will also depend on what drugs and alcohol the users were addicted to and how often they used. Medical health care professionals such as suboxone doctors will best determine the course of action for each unique drug and alcohol addict. After undergoing tests and medical procedures, as well as counseling and therapy, they will then determine what type of drug addiction detox the individual will need.

In many cases, there is more than one complication or disorder that the patient is dealing with. More times than not, the addict will have to detox more than just one drug and More than just one mental issue. This is where the use of dual diagnosis treatment centers comes into play.

The detox aspect is simply defined as the removal of physiological effects of the associated addictive substances. Not every drug detox center will perform detox in the same manner. Some may suggest that the addict goes cold turkey and quits the drug altogether, while others may medically perform detox and slowly weed the patient off of the drug. They may use alternative drugs as a method to lessen the symptoms of detox and to make sure the patient is safe while experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Once the process of drug and alcohol addiction detox is complete, then the real work begins. This is where counseling and therapy sessions begin working on the brain or the mental aspect of drug and alcohol addiction. Training the mind to forget about the addiction to drug and alcohol consumption is no easy task and one that will be a constant battle each day for the recovering addict. Over time though, and with enough will and desire to succeed in recovering, it will become much easier to live a happy and healthy life which the recovering addicts desire