What Types of Pop up Gazebo and Where to Buy the Best Pop up Gazebo?

Pop up gazebos are the perfect temporary shelter for those who enjoy spending leisure time outdoors. As the name suggests, Pop up gazebos literally pop up when unfolded and can be assembled in a few minutes by a single person. Pop up gazebos are extremely popular among campers and outdoor living enthusiasts because of their highly convenient and easy-to-use nature. With proper usage and maintenance, the gazebos will last for many years.

When it comes to choosing the right pop up gazebo, the task could turn out quite difficult as there are several varieties of gazebos available in the market. This post will provide you with a quick guide on buying the right pop up gazebo. However, before diving straight into that, let us understand the factors you should consider before buying a gazebo.

What do you need to consider before buying?


The first and foremost factor you need to consider is the purpose for which you are purchasing a gazebo. Gazebos are versatile and can be used as a shelter irrespective of the occasion, whether it is camping, exhibition stands, market stalls, summer BBQs, or any other outdoor event.

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Frequency of usage is another crucial part you must consider before confirming a particular gazebo type. If you need the gazebo as a permanent structure, investing in a long-lasting material is better. On the other hand, if your frequency of folding and unfolding is more, you need to focus on those which pop ups and collapse quickly.


Not every gazebo is of the same size; depending on your needs, you have to choose its size. For example, if you are purchasing a gazebo for catering purposes, you need to consider the number of people you want to fit in the space and select the size accordingly.


Before buying anything, budget is what we focus mainly on. Make sure the product fits your budget and offers quality for the money you pay.

Types of Pop up gazebos

1. The standard gazebo

The standard gazebo is the go-to pavilion for people who are extensively involved in outdoor camping and garden partying. The center of attraction of this gazebo is that they will perfectly blend in any location and occasion. These can also be used as an alternative for tents and is ideal for commercial and personal purposes. These gazebos are available in different sizes and waterproof materials and act as an adequate sun and drizzle shelter. The heavy-duty and water repellent fabric variants are commonly used for long events as the durable framework of the gazebo can withstand rain and light to medium winds. They are generally budget-friendly and readily available online, and if you take good care of the product, you can increase the life of the gazebo.

2. The commercial gazebo

As the name suggests, commercial gazebos are manufactured strictly for commercial users and serve the purpose flawlessly. The product is manufactured to meet the commercial sense, because of which their material is reinforced to offer maximum strength and durability. Like every other gazebo, commercial gazebos are available in different sizes. These pavilions are famous for their ability to withstand wind and other climatic conditions; hence can be used regularly in the outdoors thought the year. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a gazebo that can get through every season, the commercial gazebo is the one you should go for.

3. Heavy-duty gazebos

Heavy-duty gazebos are made using high-quality, durable, and waterproof materials that are ideal for regular outdoor use. Heavy-duty gazebos are the ultimate choice for market stalls, street traders, and other outdoor trade events.

4. Portable gazebos

The primary objective of a gazebo is to offer maximum convenience. The portable gazebos are those that will take up less space when folded down. Portable gazebos are available in different sizes and their ideal for camping. These gazebos generally come with mesh sides and have reinforced corners. These models are water-resistant, with wind panels for added protection. The gazebo provides heavy protection from harmful sunrays bugs and is sealed against moisture. The portable variant comes with a hand carry bag, making it easy to carry around.

5. Pop up canopy tent

These are another variant of pop up gazebos that are easy to set up. The pop up canopy tents is made of water-resistant materials and come in a decent dimension of 10 feet area and 9 feet height. These are the most preferred tent by traders as they are budget-friendly and are made of long-lasting materials. The canopy tents generally have two vents on top, which ensures decent airflow. The frame is made of durable steel and has three legs. Each leg of the tent has a pinch-free button which can be used for setting the height of the canopy tent as per your needs. This pop up gazebo is ideal for creating a large shady area to sit and offers 50+ UV protection which is quite impressive.

6. Screened canopy tent

These pop up gazebos are semi-transparent and are the perfect option for those confused with open and screened gazebos. These tents are great to prevent bugs as the screen walls keep them out. The most outstanding feature of this pop up gazebo is that the screen sides can be detached when not required. Screened canopy is not for those who crave privacy, but if you need a shade to relax in the summer, these are the ones you should choose. These tents are quite large with an ideal eight-foot height and ninety square feet area. They are made of durable fabric that is easy to set up with two doors. The only drawback of this pop up gazebo is that they are not waterproof because they are built for summer camping and other activities. This can be easily fixed with the help of a quick waterproof spray. They are easy to set and won’t take more than 2 minutes to assemble the tent completely.

What are the features to consider before buying a Pop up gazebo?

  • As pointed out earlier, gazebos come in different shapes and sizes; therefore, you have to consider the dimensions of the gazebo you are planning to buy. If you are looking for a portable one, you must choose a model that shrinks down to a convenient size when folded. You can choose the gazebo with sides of your preference.
  • Another essential feature is the weight of the unassembled gazebo. If you work alone and need to carry the gazebo around, it should be light-weighted yet good quality.
  • It is mandatory to consider the canopy material. However, if you need to spend a considerable amount of time outdoors under the gazebo, the wise decision is to choose a water-repellent fabric as it will shield you from sudden rains.

Bottom line

As outdoor activities have increased manifold in the last two decades, the demand for pop up gazebos has also increased considerably.