Why Are Bikes so Expensive?

Many people would like to know why bikes are so expensive. Even when looking at the composition, there is nothing much No engine, lightweight, less material, but believe it or not. The technology used in bikes is Futuristic, not losing to Formula One. Modern high-end bike frames are made entirely of carbon fiber. Make it lightweight it responds well to the driver’s handling and exertion. The grade of carbon used is equivalent to that used in the manufacture of satellite parts and fighter planes!

Bikes are not so cheap because of their manufacturing cost and so on. Bikes are nowadays a magnificent transport system in low cost and trouble. In this article, you can briefly know and inform about why are bikes so expensive? Said the sales ratio of the median price grade bikes. With the top model at 40:1, even if it doesn’t sell well doesn’t mean it can’t be sold. It’s no different from high-end products like European leather bags. It’s not uncommon to see hundreds of thousands of bikes running along the cyclist’s path until they get used to it.

In the social dimension, High-end bikes are like objects used to enhance ownership. The more the bikes society grows, a cyclist wants to stand out and be more different from the others. Whether by choosing parts and high-end frames or using famous boutique brands that are hard to find. Some may buy it because they want world-class performance on par with professional riders. But the main reason it always comes from the image first.

Because talking about efficiency when the price exceeds a certain point; as a result, efficiency is gradually inversely proportional to the price as a law of diminishing return, yet there is always room for hundreds of thousands of bikes in the market. Many companies produce high-end bikes worth more than half a million baht to keep up with the market demand until there are reservations over the year ever.

The frame design is also not easy. It is both a science and an art that must be tried repeatedly. Where aerodynamics, rider ergonomics, durability, and weight must be considered. All must be combined into a package that fits perfectly. Both cost and production capability the more competitors who are ready to invest in technology research and development, the farther. The more you have to try to be superior. It’s no different from the latest smartphone wars that come together every summer. The cost of producing high-performance bikes increases year by year and shows no signs of declining.

Therefore, high-end bicycles are a deadly issue that each company has to accelerate to develop to tie the hearts of customers. The slower the new release, Older Italian brands like Colnago and Campagnolo lost a lot of their customer base to progressive American brands like Specialized and SRAM because they weren’t ready to invest in developing and researching new technologies.

But because of the investment of research money from these companies. Make the latest technology on high-end bikes passed on to the economic models in the coming years. A bike priced at thirty thousand baht today. Better than two hundred thousand bikes ten years ago in almost every way. Technology from the research of electric transmission systems per hundred thousand. It was passed on to mechanical gears until the performance was almost different, but it’s more than half the price.