3 Reasons You Should Be Watching Stargirl

There is no shortage of superhero media available to consume and enjoy today. From big-budget blockbusters to television shows and comics of all kinds, superheroes are having a moment that isn’t likely to end anytime soon. Some superhero movies take a more realistic approach to the genre, centering hero stories in the real world and making them serious or, according to some people, “gritty.” Occasionally, however, people may want to have more fun with their superhero media. DC’s Stargirl is a more upbeat show with lots of fun moments for people looking to enjoy themselves. If you’re not already watching it, here are a few reasons to start.

1. Brec Bassinger as Stargirl

Without a strong lead, most superhero stories don’t go anywhere, but Stargirl benefits from having cast Brec Bassinger in the title role. Bassinger takes the character created by Geoff Johns, Stargirl, and makes it her own while still adapting the character nicely from the comic page to the television screen. In this version, Stargirl is lighthearted yet driven, a bubbly superhero that stands out nicely among some of her grittier peers.

2. Luke Wilson as S.T.R.I.P.E.

Luke Wilson knows how to make the most of a sidekick role, and his appearance on Stargirl is no exception to this. As Stargirl’s stepfather, Pat Dugan, Wilson cleverly treads the line between hesitant mentor and goofy father figure. As the metal-armored S.T.R.I.P.E., he even gets some action-packed moments to show off and kick butt. All in all, Wilson makes a strong addition to the cast and helps bring both levity and heart to the proceedings.

3. Fast-Paced Fun

There’s no waiting for Stargirl to get to the good part. Even watching the plot come together and characters evolve isn’t slow or boring because the show knows how to use pacing to its advantage. The show’s characters, especially Bassinger’s Stargirl, are honest, empathetic heroes who want to do the right thing and make the world a better place. The action is fun, and the production design is very impressive. Difficult or stressful world events can make viewers wish for some enjoyable escapist fun on television, and this show fits the bill.

With plenty of superhero media to consume, it can be hard to decide where to start. DC’s Stargirl is an enjoyable, fun and not-too-serious show with enjoyable characters and good acting.

If you’re looking for a show that you can smile at, consider this show. Additionally, if you want to collect your favorite DC comic book, search on the internet for collectibles stores near me and grab a copy.