3 Ways to Upgrade Your Yacht’s Stereo System Without Breaking the Bank

The most envious thing about movies is that each scene gets to have its signature background music that intensifies its impact. If only the same were possible to make life’s monotony a little less intolerable!

Thankfully, your maritime trips need not be so bland and uninspiring. Think about this – the sun is setting over an idyllic day as you zip hard across the waters thrashing against your yacht’s hull. You have your beloved alongside you as you peacefully watch the molten-gold state of the sky. 

Everything seems ‘almost’ perfect as there’s still a missing piece in this memorable moment. It’s that ideal background music to tie the scene together and declare your maritime achievements as the lilac sky marinates the surroundings. 

The only problem (in most cases) is that the stock marine stereo systems do not provide high-quality sound output. They’re more suitable for a Warner Bros’ cartoon instead of a real-life rom-com. If you wish to groove to your favorite beats, consider upgrading your marine stereo system in these three budget-friendly ways.

Start with Better Speakers

Even the luckiest yacht owners find their fortune is restricted to low-quality, basic boat radio and speakers. This is where the problem lies; regardless of the fancy signal source, basic speakers just won’t deliver the sound quality needed for an exciting maritime adventure.

Marine speakers ought to be more powerful than those found in cars or homes because of two main reasons –

  • The sound gets distributed over a larger surface area, which decreases its decibels or loudness.
  • The sound must overcome the competing noises of the waves crashing against the boat and the vessel’s loud engine.

A good rule to keep in mind is to choose speakers that can handle high Root Mean Square (RMS) wattage of power. This way, you prevent them from blowing out. Also, choose a reliable manufacturer to ensure the speakers are high-quality and their sound clarity is top-notch.

Add Amplified Power

In general, marine stereo systems do not come with an amplifier, at least not a good-quality one. Without amplified power, even turning the speakers’ volume to their loudest will not make a difference.

A good amplifier is all the more important for marine stereo systems because of the open environment. Furthermore, the spinning of the throttle is often loud enough to subdue any music (especially the calm romantic tracks). Not to mention the scenario only gets worse with speed, wind movements, and waters hitting against the hull.

With a marine amplifier, you not only turn up the stereo system’s volume but also enhance its sound quality. This is especially useful for cruising yachts with an open cockpit or bridge. 

The result is music that is clear and loud in the focused area. No intensity is lost due to sound diversification. According to BOSS Audio Systems, smartphone-compatible amplifiers are available for easy audio-playing. 

Finally, amplifiers may also allow the addition of extra speakers. Usually, one amplifier can power two speakers per channel, and an average stereo head unit can power four speakers. This means using a four-channel amplifier can help you create separate music zones with eight speakers (in total). 

Include a Subwoofer in the Setup

In general, stock marine speakers or mid-range ones lie on the lower end of the spectrum, with inferior-quality sound bass. The primary reason you must add a subwoofer to your marine stereo is the high-frequency bass sound effects.

This equipment relieves the speakers from trying hard to reproduce bass. They are exclusively designed to handle frequencies that range from 20 Hz to 200 Hz. This range (bass) is what gives rock and hip-hop music their distinct impact.

As a result, you’re able to enjoy the full range of these genres along with their subtle nuances. Also, the enhanced bass sound is audible throughout the deck, adding a unique physical dimension to the audio. 

This immersive experience imparts the feel of a lively concert, thereby making your maritime trip more enjoyable and memorable. Now, subwoofers are primarily known for their high-quality bass, but they are versatile enough for other musical genres like classical and jazz. 

Closing Thoughts

Taking your maritime escapades to the next level is as easy as installing three affordable stereo units. As of 2022, the worldwide marine audio system market had a value of $260.24 million. The same is expanding at a CAGR of 2.13% till 2028 as more boat owners invest in high-quality stereo units.

Once you have a reliable stereo setup to weather the harsh aquatic conditions, ensure it is kept in top shape. Conduct regular checks to see if all parts are functioning smoothly, especially when the boat is left dormant for an extended period. Checks are also needed immediately after a rough maritime adventure.

Avail the services of a good yacht management company to identify any issues and get the equipment repaired or replaced. This will ensure your vessel’s stereo works optimally for years to come.