5 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Diamond Ring

The decision to buy a diamond ring online can be intimidating if we lack the right information. It requires days of research, the counseling of an expert (if possible), and knowing your own style and preferences. Often, prospective buyers feel stuck and confused in the middle, with no or too much knowledge at hand. This could lead to a regretful choice for some. To avoid that, we have answered some frequently asked questions with regard to the purchase of a diamond ring. Let’s follow and save ourselves from getting bluffed.

1. What’s the most important thing to consider when buying a diamond ring?

The most important factors suggested by GIA (the Gemological Institute of America) to consider while buying a diamond ring are cut, clarity, color, and carat of diamond. These factors help in determining the true worth of the ring. Your purchase should be good value for money.

1.    Cut:

This is the most important factor as it is responsible for the brilliance and sparkle of the diamond. In other words, without a proper cut, the diamond will not attain its best in spite of scoring a high grade in other areas.

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2.    Color:

Color is the second most important consideration when selecting a diamond ring.They are graded from D to Z. The colourless diamonds score the highest on the GIA grading scale, which is D. Naturally occurring colours could be pink, gray, yellow, and green. Diamonds that appear pure, like water, are expensive, whereas diamonds whose colour is visible only under magnification and not with the naked eye are less expensive.

3.    Carat:

It is a unit to specify the weight of a diamond. One cart weighs 0.2 grams. Two stones of similar size can have different carats, and even the slightest difference can affect the cost of the stone. Consider cut over carat. Large diamond with shallow cuts will not allow it to dazzle. Explore different carat sizes before finalising one.

4.    Clarity:

It refers to the purity level of a diamond. There are natural blemishes and inclusions within the diamond and on its surface. Every diamond has them, but one with more features affects the appearance of the stone. According to the chart, diamonds with more clarity receive a high grade, while those with less clarity receive a low grade. Very clear diamonds are rare and quite expensive.

2. How many diamonds must there be in a diamond ring?

The number of diamonds depends upon the setting of the ring you are choosing. In solitaire ring, you have a single stone. In a three-stone setting, there are three diamonds, and in a pave setting, there is a stone in the middle and a cluster of small diamonds on the shank. Because it’s a cluster, the number would depend on the size of the diamond and the space that cluster is taking on the ring. There is no strict rule with regard to the number of diamonds. It’s a personal preference. Today’s woman’s style is minimalist and sophisticated. She likes to have one or two or a maximum of three stones rather than a ring filled with diamonds. These kinds of rings stand out and look splendid. But if you prefer more diamonds, you can choose the setting accordingly. Also, more diamonds add to the cost. A wise decision should be made keeping in mind, what looks good on you, what is in your budget, and what goes with new trends. You should always purchase from reputed and reliable brands only. Reading vrai reviews online can help in the selection of right brand.

3. Do men also wear diamond rings?

Yes, men do wear diamond rings. The design and look of the ring depend on the man’s choice. Sparkles or no sparkles, modern or traditional, intricate details or a plain band, the option of customization in accordance to one’s style and persona is always there. With the increasing trend of engagement rings since the early 21st century, the number of men wearing diamond rings has grown. They wear it in the form of wedding bands, engagement rings, or just for the sheer love of jewellery. Famous men like Ed Sheeran, Johnny Depp, Michael Buble, and Charlie Sheen wore diamond engagement rings and made them more popular.

4. What are the different types of diamond rings?

Diamond rings are available in a wide range of styles and settings. And that wide range is based on the shape and cut of a diamond, the setting, and metal of the ring. Here are some of the most popular diamond ring settings. These settings define the overall appearance of the ring.


Ring with a single diamond. it is timeless and one of the most loved designs for engagement rings.


As pave means cluster of diamonds, this type of ring has a solitaire and small diamonds on the metal, or just small diamonds on the band without any centre stone. They come in different formations and designs.

Three stone ring:

Also known as trilogy ring. Here, the centre stone is guarded by two others on each side. Three stones signify the past, present, and future of the couple.

Alliance ring:

A band with a row of diamonds to cover the string partially or fully. They are used as wedding bands and look like eternity rings.

Halo ring:

Here, small diamond accents surround the centre stone and make it look larger than its actual size. It has also become incredibly popular among brides.

Channel setting ring:

It is similar to pave setting ring but has thicker metal. Instead of prongs holding the diamonds, they are placed between the walls of two metals. Having a diamond as the centre stone is a choice. It is mostly used in wedding and anniversary bands.

You can get these settings with different types of shanks, cuts, and metals.

5. How do I know my ring size?

There are different ways of knowing your ring size. You can measure it using the following methods.

Using thread and measuring tape

Take a piece of floss or string and tie it around your finger. Mark the point where it first overlaps and measure that part with a ruler or measuring tape. Now compare the measurements you took with the ring sizes given in the ring size chart.

Buying your own ring sizer

One of the best options is to buy a ring measurement tape of your own. It gives you the most accurate measurement and is easy to carry while shopping for a ring.

Print a true to size ring size chart

Take a ring that fits you well and place that ring on the different sizes until you find yours.

One should measure the size multiple times before being sure, because the size of our fingers tends to fluctuate with temperature. You have a virtual ring sizer these days that can help you measure your ring size at the convenience of sitting at home.


Hopefully, these answers to the most frequently asked questions have contributed to the expansion of your understanding and comprehension of diamond rings. Now we expect you to make your selection wisely. That can go a long way and can only make you earn appreciation and cheerful, wide-eyed attention. We wish may the best quality diamond ring happens to you.

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