5 Point Checklist to Find the Right Influencer for Your Brand

Picking the right and most effective influencer is a big challenge for small businesses. Influencer selection isn’t straightforward process as many marketers think. The right influencer can help you make your brand and boost your sales count. Regrettably, not all businesses end up finding the perfect social media personality for their Influencer Marketing Campaign.

Don’t Worry! We are giving you five practice checklists that will help you choose the right influencer for your marketing campaign.

Find Influencer Matching Your Goals: Start your search to find an influencer who has the potential to create content matching your goals. Most businesses invest in influencer marketing to build a new user base. So, you must check whether the influencers are confident to bring a new audience to your doorstep.

Whether you want to enhance your brand recognition or sales, make sure the influencer matches your goals and has the potential to serve your needs.

Common goals of business include:

  • Promoting an Upcoming Sale
  • Explaining a New (Or Old) Product
  • Increase App Downloads
  • Build Your List of Subscribers

Determine How You’ll Find Influencers: There are different ways to find influencers for your marketing campaign, but which one you will opt to find the right influencer. If you already have specific names in your mind, you can directly proceed with them, else create a list to find the right person for your marketing. Many businesses cold email and influencer outreach to collaborate with them.

You are always recommended to invest time in searching influencers as it matters a lot to achieve your marketing goals.

Identify Your Audience & Influencer’s Audience: Undoubtedly, you are putting your specific budget on influencer marketing. Hence, you must ensure that the influencer’s audience must match your target customer. Putting your money on such influencers that do not match your niche is worthless. Such investment won’t deliver you high ROI and end up draining your money into the vein.

Check your vertical and match it with the content Influencers create. This will give you a clear picture of their audience and whether it works for you or not. E.g., Emilie Haney is a self-employed freelance writer, photographer, and graphic designer. So, you can collab with her if you are in the same niche.

Check Influencers Demographics & Behaviour: Once you have shortlisted the influencers, it’s time to dig out their content stats and understand their demographics and behaviour. This will help you find the engagement rate of the influencers. Further, you should also check the insights of various Social Channels they use to ensure the audience are well engaged and make decisions based on the content.

Check how influencers create content, what hashtags they use, and how frequently they post content on their channels. Make a detailed check on the influencer’s social channel and analyze every channel thoroughly. This will help you in decision making and shortlisting one from all.

Prefer Multiple Campaigns: Digital marketers always prefer working with multiple influencers to diversify your campaign. Moreover, its also recommended choosing different social platforms instead of relying on a single channel. This will help you reach a new user base from different social channels and enhance your ROI.

Influencer marketing is beneficial for SEO, and that’s a good reason to think about it. So, make a smart decision and start searching for the right influencer.