5 Steps To Take After A Car Accident

Nearly 200,000 people were involved in car accidents in Connecticut annually. As the number of drivers on the road increases, so too does the number of accidents that occur. Motor vehicle accidents can be devastating. They often have tragic consequences that completely alter the course of someone’s life, many times negatively. Serious auto accidents can leave victims seriously injured, unable to work, and in need of extensive medical care.

Many victims partner with a Stratford, CT accident attorney to seek financial compensation for the trauma they have endured. This financial compensation can help victims pay for everyday living expenses and necessary medical care among other things. The steps taken immediately after an accident can affect the value or validity of a car accident claim making the job of a Stratford, CT accident attorney easier or harder. Here are the 5 basic steps you should take after a car accident on Connecticut roadways.

1. Call Emergency Personnel

The first thing you need to do immediately following a car accident is call 911 to dispatch emergency personnel. They will send first responders to help those that are injured and investigate the scene. Many times, the fire department will show up first with an ambulance right behind them. They will care for injured victims on the scene and may transport some to the hospital. An officer will also likely show up to make a report of the accident scene. Tell them exactly what you remember without offering additional information.

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can be overwhelming. While the immediate focus is on the well-being of everyone involved, it’s equally important to consider the state of the vehicle. If you’re contemplating whether to repair or replace the damaged car, a detailed assessment of its condition is crucial. Before making any final decisions, it’s advisable to obtain a Comprehensive Car Pre Purchase Inspection Report. This thorough evaluation provides insights into the car’s current state, ensuring you make a well-informed decision that’s best for your safety and financial situation. Whether you’re mending or transitioning to a new vehicle, always prioritize a detailed inspection.

2. Get Medical Attention

You should always let medical personnel administer care and do not refuse if they want you to go to the emergency room. While you may not feel seriously injured, your body may be in shock from the trauma it just endured. Many symptoms of injury are not immediately apparent and may take a day or two to manifest. There are specific tests that should be completed, and the medical staff will know what they are.

3. Record Contact Information

While you are waiting for emergency services, you may exchange contact information with the other drivers and any witnesses that may be on the scene. Do this only if each party is well enough. Many times, the injuries are too severe to worry about exchanging information at this point and that’s okay. If they are not, then get names, phone numbers, addresses, and maybe even the other driver’s insurance company name.

4. Document the Scene

It can also help to document the scene as best you can while you are waiting for emergency services. If you have access to your smartphone, take pictures of the scene. You can get pictures of property damages, skid marks, witnesses, and sometimes even your own injuries at the hospital. Again, this depends on the nature of the injuries. If there are life threatening injuries on the scene, the most important thing is getting medical attention.

5. Call a Stratford, CT Accident Attorney

Call a Stratford, CT accident attorney immediately. You can call from the hospital or when you get home to set up an appointment. It’s best to document everything while it is fresh in your mind, before details begin to fade. Accident attorneys can also perform better the earlier they get involved. Over time, details fade, witnesses forget, and evidence sometimes disappears. Call an attorney even before calling your insurance company. Your Stratford, CT accident attorney can help you report the accident to your insurance company and fight for the financial compensation you so rightfully deserve.

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