5 Tips for Embracing Your Unique Style as You Get Older

As you moved from childhood to adolescence, your body grew taller and stronger. Along with your body, your mind evolved too, making you more aware of yourself and your environment. Similar transitions happen at every phase of life. Physical changes coincide with psychological changes, leading to a change in your mindset, taste, and style as you age.

Denying the effects of aging won’t get you anywhere. Accept that you’ve outgrown certain styles and embrace the new world that awaits. Remember to hold on to your authenticity at every age. Blend current fashion trends with your signature look to make you unique in your own way. Here are five tips that may help you find a style that keeps you looking — and feeling great.

1. Understand Your Body

Aging can’t be reversed, but it can be slowed down. Exercising religiously can keep you agile. Eating a healthy diet and staying hydrated can help keep your skin fresh and supple. Retinoids increase collagen production reducing fine lines and wrinkles, so investing in an anti-aging treatment is a good idea. Along with that, reduce exposure to alcohol and smoking, as they can accelerate aging and make your skin dull and listless.

Women may gain weight after menopause, men may start balding, everyone’s appearance changes as they age. Don’t fight physiology. Instead, adapt to it. Find new ways to compliment your new body. If you feel your skin is getting paler, wear contrasting darker colors like emerald green and navy blue. Darker shades can enhance and highlight your complexion, providing a more vibrant and flattering appearance. Loose fitting clothes also have the dual benefit of hiding abdominal bulges while keeping you comfortable all day.

2. Prioritize Comfort

There were days where you danced all night in tight clothes and high heels, but that’s likely not the case anymore. Your body may tire out easily as you grow older and pushing your limits may exacerbate medical ailments. As you get older, it’s time to prioritize comfort in your apparel choices. Starting with fabrics, choose breathable cottons instead of synthetic fabrics, which are rough against the skin.

You can also simplify your life by wearing clothes that are easy to put on and take off. Instead of hooks and buttons, buy clothes with elastic and Velcro fasteners. Pants with elastic waistbands can be a blessing if frequent bathroom breaks are your norm. And when you’re comfortable in your skin, you’ll exude a confidence that’s real and natural.

3. Look Natural

It’s important to use makeup to accentuate your features, not to mask your age. Focus on keeping your skin healthy and you can get beauty as a bonus. If you’re putting on make-up, use products that are infused with skincare ingredients. Don’t overwhelm yourself with complicated makeup routines and hair styles. Find ways to get the best look in the least number of steps.

Restore your skin’s glow by using liquid foundations and color correcting techniques. Dab your cheeks with rosy blush and swap the black eyeliner for brown, for a softer look. If you think big eyes make you look more awake, start applying eye shadow from the outer corner and then work inward. It’s a great idea to experiment with new colors, but try them at home first. You don’t want to take a risk before a big event.

4. Experiment Fearlessly

There are no rules governing what older folks can or cannot wear. Mix and match items to create ensembles that resonate with your personality, and don’t compare yourself to others. Brighten up the room with large floral prints or maintain a low profile with monochromatic tones. The choice is yours. Just don’t let your style stagnate. Occasionally, try new colors and patterns, and you might be surprised.

As you experiment, with clothes, accessories, and hairstyles, avoid making dramatic, permanent changes you may regret later. Ask a trusted friend for advice, as sometimes another point-of-view can give you a new perspective. However, that doesn’t mean they get to dictate your style. Listen to their advice with an open mind and then make a decision that doesn’t compromise on your comfort or self-expression.

5. Remember Quality Over Quantity

Shopping can be tiring. Buying high-quality clothes that last a long time saves you from repeated trips to the mall. Invest in timeless classics like a well-tailored blazer or quality leather jacket, which can be used with so many outfits. Keep in mind that more expensive does not necessarily mean better quality. Feel the fabric. Thicker material may indicate that fibers are woven closer together, making it durable in the long term.

Quality must also be your number one priority when it comes to makeup. Your skin gets more fragile as it ages, so avoid using harsh products. Some makeup may contain toxic ingredients that can have a detrimental effect on your overall health. Be very careful with what you buy and stick to trusted brands whenever possible. Staying healthy is the only way you’ll have the energy and confidence to flaunt your style.

Confidence is Key

No matter what you wear, do it with confidence. Feel proud of your age, your experiences, and the wisdom that you’ve earned. A unique aesthetic is created by tapping into your inner beauty. Allow yourself to evolve, embrace new trends, or adapt old favorites to suit yourself.

Find a style that celebrates your life and experiences. It’s not always about name brand bags and shoes. Rather, it’s about feeling comfortable, confident, and true to yourself. Your style is your signature, so make sure it’s personal. Let your personality shine through, because at the end of the day it’s your authenticity that makes you truly beautiful.