5 Types of Cute Women Nighty to Try Out

A peaceful sleep can shoo away morning blues, but honestly, the credit goes to cute and comfortable sleepwear options. The right nightwear can make you feel at ease and comfortable. While in today’s time, you might get flooded with various nightwear options starting from versatile tops & pyjamas and comfy tops & shorts to sexy babydolls and cute nighties. While for me, a cute little nighty is what tops my list of comfy sleepwear options.

A nighty is the best option to pick if you’re looking for an airy, stylish yet comfortable garment. Now it totally depends on you and your taste to identify a style that goes best with your personality. Like you could look super cute in a quirky short nightdress or look totally sophisticated in a satin nightgown or uber sultry in a sexy lace babydoll. Let me walk you through the different types and styles of nighties available online. Find the one that goes best with your personality and get shopping!

Types of Nighties

1.   Short Nightdress

Short nighty or nightdress is an excellent addition to your sleepwear collection. Teen girls and young adults often prefer this style. The airy dress-like structure makes it a versatile choice. Whether it’s a beauty nap or a short trip to the grocery store, a cute short nighty will always be a comfy & trendy option to go for. I recently picked a cute short night dress from Clovia’s ‘Print Me Pretty Collection. Just like its name, it is both pretty and comfortable to wear.

2.   Babydoll Nighty

The short length of the babydoll nighty makes it adorably cute. It is a perfect choice to accentuate your look and highlight your legs. The young brides favourite’s babydoll nighty is an excellent choice to take your man by surprise. You can get your hands on a variety of fabrics ranging from cotton, georgette, lace and satin. Victoria Secret’s babydoll nighty is quite a flattering choice of nighty for women. I personally love the super-sultry designs of lacy babydolls and satin chemise, but the price point is slightly higher for my pocket.

3.   Nighty & Robe Sets

A cute nighty & robe set is an ultimate blend of style and fashion. This ultra-chic nighty set is usually available in satin and lace, making it the first choice for women looking for a fancy and lovely look. You can choose from multiple designs, patterns and lengths according to your fashion statement. Even though the variety is limited, La Senza offers some cute designs. My true comfort lies in the tie-knot style at the waist of the robe, and it is quite charming.

4.   Kaftan Nighty

Kaftans are a loose-fitting and very comfy choice of loungewear and nighty. These garments are intricately designed to offer skin breathability. The human body skin sheds and rejuvenates continuously, even in sleep, making it necessary to opt for loose nightwear. In addition, kaftans can eliminate the spread of bacteria and maintain hygiene. At Clovia, you can find adorable prints in kaftans. The fabric is quite skin-friendly. I can vouch for comfort from my personal experience.

5.   Sleep Shirts

Sleep tees are another perfect choice for an airy nightdress. These come in quite handy during uncomfortable, humid, and stuffy nights. The sleeves of these shirts uplift the style quotient. You can either keep them short, long or rolled up as per your comfort. I have seen some fantastic checkered prints and text printed sleep tees on hunkemoller.

Choosing the ideal nighty can be a tricky task. The fancy prints, patterns, colours, and fabric can leave you all confused and puzzled. Trust me. I have been there. I selected 10 nighties at one go, the reason being fancy prints and colours. But what I forgot to consider is the price and quality. So let me help you choose a perfect nighty for you in three quick steps. Everything you see in our online costume store is what we have in stock.

  • The first and foremost thing is to choose the fabric. The fabric should be skin-friendly and suit you well. Be it cotton, satin or silk; Comfort should be your topmost priority.
  • The second thing to check is your size. For nighty, opt for loose outfits instead of tight ones. Also, try to avoid buttons, zips, snaps as these can be slightly uncomfortable while sleeping.
  • Last but not least, check the cost. These cute women nighties are available at different prices. Pick a quality product that fits your budget so you don’t sulk later. To get the best deal, you can shop online in a hassle-free manner.

I have seen women going to bed in tight joggers and opening gateways to a restless night. It is later that they realise how an airy nighty ensures a comfortable sleep keeping your mood intact. So ladies, quickly order the best nighty according to your style, taste and personality and step up your sleeping experience.