7 Things to Do Before Purchasing Office Stationeries

The need for stationeries has been reduced in every modern office but has not been eliminated. Stationery supplies are an integral part of an organisation. A typical office costs up to 30 percent of the non-salary expenditure.

Everyday stationery items include pen, paper, paper pads, printed forms, ink, stencil, pins, files, file covers, tags, clips, glue, etc. Adequate stationeries have to be stored for seamless work in the office.

When ordering in bulk, it is essential to check for certain factors. Read further to know about them.

Pen down the office needs

To ensure no required items are missed from purchasing, sit down and note the stationery supplies your office would need. You should do this, so your office does not run short of the stationeries.

Also, purchasing stationeries in small lots is not a good idea. It is cheap to buy in bulk, and you do not have to order stationeries repeatedly. So, check the store, estimate your office needs and restock the required stationary.

Decide where you are going to buy

Search on the internet and find out a few reputable stationery stores. Check through each of their websites and evaluate how good their goods and services are. Make sure you pick the most reputable shop by checking the reviews of their previous clients.

Also, do not be carried away with too many positive reviews. It may be fraudulent. That is your shop if you find many positive and less negative reviews.

Always check the price

This is one of the most crucial factors to be considered. Know the market price of each product and compare it with the shop you have chosen to buy the stationery  supplies. Do not think that products with high prices will be of high quality.

Make sure you also cross-check the price with different brands. By doing this, you can figure out the features of a product along with its price. So finally, if you think a product you are looking for is available at a low cost, go for it.

Do not forget to order the correct quantity

You will buy stationeries in bulk so that your office never has to encounter a shortage. If you fail to order the correct quantity, the entire purpose will go in vain.

Also, it will increase your work as you have to check the stock, do the estimate, and make entries in the accounts. So, it is a crucial step to double-check the execution.

Know the delivery option

You are ordering ahead of time, so it is not a very required step. Yet, knowing the different delivery options can help you decide when to order according to the stock due.

Know the payment options

Opt for those providers who accept almost all kinds of payments. Check the type of wallets they permit or the card and cheque payments. Also, check the instalment options available. It may be helpful some or the other time.

Learn their policies on warranties and returns

Every reputable stationery supplier will have a fair policy to explain the facility of warranties and returns. Learn it and make sure whether they can assist you in times of need. Opt for those willing to return or refund for anything damaged.

Thus, these are the most common steps to be followed to land the right stationery supplier for your office needs. Do not ignore these steps, as you may land in trouble if you are not careful about these simple factors.