8 Essential Tips for Selecting Dance Costume

There are thousands of dance forms worldwide, and if you are going to dance based on one of those dance forms, you need the right costume for it. However, choosing the appropriate clothes for the dance is difficult, especially selecting the dance clothes for women. This is because most popular dance forms have almost similar male costumes, but the same cannot be said for women. 

So, if you are doubtful about selecting the costume for you or your little girl for the special dance event, you have come to the right place. This article is all about the rules and lessons one must learn to choose the right dance costume for their dance. As such, follow the below-given points, as it’ll guide you towards the right costume for that special dance.

  • Clothes Should Fit the Music

Whatever dance you select, the costume must fit the music that plays. For example, if the song is from the movie Frozen (let it go), you should wear what a princess or people from the ‘Early Modern Age’ would wear. A princess’s costume from the Early Modern Era will suit you well for this music. Similarly, you can choose the dress for every music.

  • Opt for a Variety of Costumes

Changing costumes during the dance is a plus point if you are in a competition. Also, using too many costumes may affect the choreography. How? The costume change will overshadow the choreography, which may affect your performance.

  • Accessories Do Matter

You must understand that a single accessory can change the whole performance. So if you need an accessory for the dance, you must use it as a prop. For example, suppose you are doing a dance or play related to the black and white TV era/theme. You can wear a black & white dress, and the guy can wear a black suit with a white shirt. Meanwhile, the umbrella can be a nice prop, or a hairband can be a proper accessory to highlight your hair.

  • Tights Are Great

For a funky fancy dress, tights are great. A pink, yellow, or red tight might help highlight your legs if the dance requires more leg movements. Again, the tights will help enhance your moves.

  • Skirt Is Fun

The skirt has to be on this list. Why? Because it is the main part of dance clothes for women in almost all dance forms. You, too, must have seen several dance forms where the women wear short, medium and long skirts that help accentuate their figure and the moves. And in many dance forms, a skirt is a necessary clothing item.

  • Do You Want Something Flattering?

The white dress is great for a flattering look, but make sure the fabric is thick and not translucent. A see-through dress will put you in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. It won’t be an issue for kids, but sure it will be for teenagers and adults.

  • Prevent Malfunction

Whenever you have a new costume for the dance, practice at least thrice in that dress before the actual performance. You don’t want to find out the issues in the costume during your stage performance, do you? Hence, checking the costume before the big event is recommended.

  • Sparkles Are a Must

There’s nothing like too much sparkling in dance performances. So, use a lot of sparkles in your performance if there is a requirement. Also, always remember that sparkles are attractive, no matter what kind of dance it is.

These tips will help you get the costume right for your dance performance.