Balls and How to Calculate Simple and Accurate Games Balls

Those of you who are experts have certainly heard of this method of searching lottery ball exploded. This method of fortune-telling is highly complex, accurate, and surprisingly effective, and is used by many players. So let’s join New88 to learn about accurate  lottery ball calculations in the article below!

Search according to bWhat is lottery? 

Scientists have determined that all things have their own source of energy. The numbers seem to be meaningless, but they are closely related to each other, and are accompanied by their own shadows. The shadows of numbers always accompany them in all cases, so you can apply these observations to online select.

Through the shadow of each number, choose the lot to bet on when some lots are rewarded. By lottery ball It is not simply based on luck or other spiritual factors, but also on scientific reasoning. Combining lucky numbers with their balls can also help players analyze and choose select numbers accurately and with high accuracy.

Based on the rules of the lottery, some numbers come first and their balls come later. Just by looking at the good lottery numbers, you can convert them into balls to bet on the next day to ensure a big reward.

Instructions on simple and effective ways to calculate lottery numbers

To bet according to the shadow rule of numbers, you first need to grasp the rules and the correct calculation method. Specifically:

Predict lottery numbers according to the five elements cycle

According to the rules of the Five Elements cycle, everything on earth has the presence of 5 powerful elements in nature. The 5 types of matter found in all things are Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. In which, the wood element represents the dynamic wood body, so it is placed at the beginning of life, which means the appearance of all things.

Fire element means fire, with the highest heat properties, it is called chief. Earth is the destiny that represents the land with high positive energy and fertility. Similar to the metal element, it is metal and substance. Finally, Thuy represents water which has the nature of storage. When applied lottery ball We have:

  • Metal players represent numbers like 4 – 9.
  • Wood destiny corresponds to the number pair 3 and 8.
  • People with water element are compatible with numbers 1 or 6.
  • The pair of numbers 0 – 5 represents people of the wood element.
  • The fire element comes with the numbers 2 and 7.

How to calculate the shadow of a number

According to the rules of the ancients, all things have yin and yang shadows, the concept of yin shadows always coming before yang shadows. From the negative shadow of a number, a player can easily conclude this person’s luckiest number based on its positive shadow.

When applied to lottery select, as long as you see the negative shadow of a number of lottery numbers, you can bet on the negative shadow to place a bet the next day. In there:

  • The negative shadow of 2 is 9.
  • The negative shadow of the number 3 is the number 6.
  • For the number 5, the negative shadow is 8.
  • Corresponding to the number 0, we have a negative shadow of 7.

The way to predict the yin and yang shadow is also extremely simple, for example today the lottery result for the special lottery is 72382. We received a two-digit lottery prize of 82, you can predict the yin and yang shadow. of numbers 2 and 8 to get a new lottery number of 59 or 95, bet on the next day to ensure a reward.

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How to predict positive shadows effectively

Similar to the yin shadow, the positive shadow of a number is also a method of fortune-telling lottery ball Effectively brings great luck. The favorite numbers received from the positive ball array not only bring high accuracy but can also be applied in many cases, raising large lots to win huge rewards.

According to the convention of the law of yin and yang, number 1 has a positive shadow of 6, number 2 is 7, positive shadow of 3 is number 8, number 4 is number 9, and finally number 5 will have a positive shadow of 0. Similarly, if If the lottery is number 54, using the principle of catching a positive ball, you will get extremely lucky number 09.

In addition, you can completely apply both the negative and positive shadows of some lottery numbers to find a good set of numbers to bet on the next day. The method of predicting both yin and yang shadows is often very effective, especially on full moon days or solar eclipses where the shadows of a number match. If the previous day’s lottery number 96380 coincided with the solar eclipse, you would bet on the negative number 57 and the positive number 35, guaranteed to bring home a big prize!


The above article has helped you learn about the rules lottery ball and extremely accurate lottery calculations. Hopefully through the information New88today has shared, you will have more useful online lottery select experience!