Beginner’s Guide: How to Shortlist a Face Scrub for Glowing Skin?

Are you tired of your dull and drab skin? Do you think excessive pollution has ruined the texture of your once glowing skin? Do you need an effective formula that could help your skin replenish and restore your radiance? If yes, then opting for a gentle and natural face scrub could do the trick and help you have better results with minimum fuss.

The external environment with its severity in terms of pollution can be difficult to tackle. While using a suitable face wash may not be enough, it surely creates a way to start your skincare regime on a more positive note. Pollution damage can be checked provided you opt for the right face scrub as per your skin type and skincare issues.

Here’s the wrinkle. If you try looking for a face scrub online on an e-commerce platform or at your nearest retail store, the sheer number of products could confuse you. So, to help you further, we would like to offer our simple to use product purchase guide.

Steps to shortlist the best scrub for face (as per your skincare issues)

Step 1: Ignore all products having harmful chemicals and toxins

Sometimes, you will notice that a skincare product is advertised to deliver quick results. This is a false notion in many cases because such products are often infused with agents like parabens, silicones, SLES, ammonia, and more.

In the case of a face scrub, these ingredients might look exceptionally good on paper, but they could turn out to be harmful in the long run. By being present in the formula, these toxins will further damage the skin and will drive your skin beyond repair if not checked in time. Thus, if you notice any harmful chemical in the skincare product, forget about including it in your skincare kit.

Step 2: Check if they are adulterated

Many people enjoy using a skincare product that is aromatic and looks pretty. However, did you know that such aroma and color may not always be natural? Thus, loud fragrances or artificial colors are considered unwanted in most skincare products.

Adding artificial dyes and fragrances can reduce the benefits and capabilities of the original formula. In addition, there are instances where adulterations can be toxic as well.

Hence, if you want the formula to be seriously good, you should not opt for adulterated skincare products. Rather, go for the non-toxic and natural products to be on the safer side.

Step 3: Look for natural ingredients

Whether you buy an activated charcoal face mask like the C3 Mask for Healthy and Glowing Skin or Charcoal Face Scrub for Oily and Normal Skin, it would work better only if the ingredients present in the product are safe and gentle for regular use.

For the best results, the ingredients should be handpicked from the lap of nature. Ingredients like activated charcoal, tea tree, coffee extract, and more can be beneficial for combating the harmful effects of pollution throughout the year.

Note: This formula is effective yet mild on the skin.

Step 4: Find out the skin compatibility

You should always check the suitability of a skincare product for your skin type and skincare issues. For example, if you have an oily skin type and you are looking to get rid of acne, the scrub you choose should have a non-greasy base. This would drive out excess oil from the skin pores and deliver nourishment to them.

If you have dull and dry skin, you need a formula with a creamy or extra-nourishing base. This will allow your skin to retain hydration and essentiality while the pollutants are stripped off. Thus, your skin type will eventually decide which skincare product should be a part of your skincare routine.

Step 5: Choose a safe skincare product

The next thing that you should check before buying a skincare product is the safety features. This assurance can only be obtained for those skincare products that are dermatologically tested by experts and then certified as safe.

For example, if you are looking for an activated charcoal face mask, we recommend you opt for Mamaearth’s Charcoal C3 Face Mask for Healthy and Glowing Skin. It is enriched with charcoal, kaolin clay, coffee, and bentonite clay that offer benefits like glowing skin, brightening and tightening skin pores, and reducing acne and pimples. In addition, it is a Made Safe and PETA certified product and is safe for regular home-based usage.

Step 6: Buy from a trusted brand

Now that you know how to distinguish a safe product, you have come down towards the narrow end of the funnel. Now, you will be presented with limited choices, and you need to pick a trusted brand out of those. The brand you choose must essentially be checked off the list for all the factors we discussed.

If you need recommendations from experts, we would be happy to share the beauty influencers, and skincare experts suggest users try out the face scrub range from Mamaearth. This PETA-certified brand has gained immense faith and a trustworthy reputation for its quality and benefits over the years.

Step 7: Verify Online Reviews and Recommendations

We have finally come to the last step of choosing the best scrub per your skin type. In the final step, you should take advantage of the digital resources. Take a look at the online reviews posted by genuine users.

Read blogs to learn more about the upcoming and breakthrough ingredients in the skincare industry. This will help you choose and buy the best skincare product that will essentially transform your skincare routine.

As per our research, we particularly want to suggest a few products from Mamaearth’s product portfolio that you can derive benefits from.

  1. Charcoal Face Scrub for Oily and Normal Skin, with Charcoal and Walnut for Deep Exfoliation
  2. Tea Tree Face Scrub with Tea Tree and Neem for Skin Purification
  3. CoCo Face Scrub with Coffee and Cocoa for Rich Exfoliation
  4. Vitamin C Face Scrub for Glowing Skin, with Vitamin C and Walnut for Skin Illumination
  5. Ubtan Face Scrub with Turmeric and Walnut for Tan Removal

Summing up

If you methodically follow the steps we have shared, you will surely get the right product with a few clicks. And after you purchase it, you should use it twice or thrice a week based on the type of skin and the skincare issues you might be facing to get the best results over time.