Best Cat Exercises That Your Kitten Will Enjoy Doing

Exercise is not only important for your cat’s overall health and well-being, but it’s also a great way to keep them mentally stimulated while giving them something fun to do. Not every cat loves doing the same exercise, so you may need to try out a few different things before finding an activity that your cat enjoys. As a bonus, some of these exercises can even be done indoors, which is perfect for keeping your cat safe from other animals.

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How to Buy Cat Exercise Tools

When looking for exercise tools, make sure they’re safe and fun for your cat. You want to make sure your cat has enough space to play with the toy or object. The best toys are ones that help cats use their natural instincts, like chasing and pouncing. The best thing is that you can explore a range of interactive toys for cats at online pet utility stores like PetCareRx, etc.

It’s also important to keep safety in mind when buying toys. You must choose items that won’t injure your pet, especially if you have a kitten who hasn’t grown into its full strength yet! Some toys may be too heavy or sharp on the edges, so it’s important not to give them anything like those until they’ve had time to grow up a bit more. It may still not be appropriate depending on how large your kitten is compared with other household pets or children who might get injured easily by something falling onto them unexpectedly while playing together at home.

Fish Swimming

If you have a fish tank and you’re looking for ways to keep your cat occupied, here’s an idea: fill the tank with water.

Your cat will love it! Cats are natural predators, so they love to chase anything that moves. So a fish swimming in a bowl of water will be a fun game for your cat. Plus, if you get a fish tank with a filter for the water at the top of the tank and some lights on top of that, then it will be like having an aquarium in your house. If you want even more entertainment value from this exercise (and make sure your cat drinks plenty of water), try putting one or two goldfish into the aquarium. These little guys are pretty quick and provide even more stimulation while they swim around, trying not to get eaten by their feline foes.

Run and Chase

Your cat has a natural tendency to chase and hunt, so running and chasing are great activities for your pet. Running is also one of the best ways to exercise and keep your cat in shape.

Your cat can reach speeds up to 30 miles per hour when running, which means if you’re looking for an excuse not to run after your kitten all day as it races away from you, then there’s nothing stopping you from doing so!

A healthy kitten should be able to leap 6 feet high and jump up 6 feet outwards – perfect for climbing furniture or trees! If your kitten isn’t quite at this level yet, there’s still plenty of time before it completely grows out of its legs (and even then, it might not).

Birds Flying

It is one of the simplest exercises for your pet to follow and one of the most rewarding for you and your kitten. Cats are natural predators, and any cat owner will tell you that their cat loves chasing birds, so it makes sense to use this behavior in an exercise routine.

You can train your kitten to catch birds by using a bird toy on a string or some other type of toy which mimics a bird, such as a mouse on a string or a ping pong ball attached to a stick. Then all you have to do is wave them around in front of him/her while they run after them like they would when they see real live birds in their backyard.

Bowl of Water

When it comes to water, cats are no different from us. They like to drink it! And if you give your pets a bowl of moving and blue water or kitten milk, they will be even happier than usual. They may also become interested in playing with the bowl because your kitten has been waiting all day for something fun to do. It can be especially helpful if your cat needs help getting over his or her fear of water, which sometimes happens when cats grow up around humans who don’t fill up their bowls on time or often enough. Fortunately, kittens are very adaptable creatures—and so we hope this list has helped you find activities that will keep both you and your pet happy!

Boxes and Bags

Boxes and bags are your cat’s best friends! They love to jump and play in boxes, and they also love playing with the bag that comes with their food.

It’s not just the physical activity that will make your cat happy; it’s also the mental stimulation that box or bag offers. For example, your cat can look out at you through the window or even see you through a hole in a box on top of a bookshelf.

Cats also like boxes because they can hide inside them to feel safe or get away from something scary, such as loud noises or big dogs who bark too much (you don’t have any big dogs do you? Or maybe one—it doesn’t matter).

Cats May Look Lazy, but they are Always Active.

The truth about cats is that they are always active and will do anything to keep themselves entertained. You may think your cat is lazy, but they are constantly looking for something to do in reality!

If you want your pet to be more active and playful, you must find ways to exercise regularly. Even if your cat has already been playing most of its life, it can still benefit from these exercises as they can help keep them healthy and strong.

Most cats are active and always on the move. They chase each other, run around the house and play with their toys. However, as they grow older and become sedentary, they gain weight. Therefore, you need to exercise your cat so that it stays healthy. After all, a healthy cat will live for longer than its less active counterparts.