Catte: Skills, Tips and How to Play Catte

Post Catte is a popular card game in Vietnam, requiring players to have good skills and strategies to win big. In the tutorial article below, we will learn about it How to play Catte as well as the secrets to winning big from experts in this field at the reputable game portal  New88today.

Instructions on how to play Catte

Catte card game is a game originating from Tien Len card game, but there are some differences in the rules and scoring method.

How to play the card game Catte at the house New88 Quite simple and easy to understand as follows:

  • Catte is played with a deck of 52 cards, divided equally among 4 players.
  • Each player has 13 cards in hand and must try to run out of cards before their opponents.
  • The player has the right to play the first card if the smallest card is Ace of Diamonds (A♦).
  • After that, the turn will be clockwise. The player must play a card of the same suit or number as the previous card, otherwise he must skip his turn. If all other players skip their turn, the last player gets to play a new card.
  • The player who runs out of cards first will be considered the winner of the game and will be awarded points.

How to calculate points in the card game Catte:

  • Each player’s score is calculated by the number of cards remaining in the hand multiplied by the value of that card. For example: If the player has 3 remaining cards, 2♣, 3♠ and J♥, then the player’s score will be (2 + 3 + 11) x 1 = 16 points.
  • Additionally, if the player has an Ace of Diamonds (A♦) left, the points will be deducted double. For example: If the player has 2 remaining cards, A♦ and K♠, then the player’s score will be (14 + 13) x 2 = -54 points.
  • The game will end when a player reaches a predetermined number of points, for example 100 points.

Necessary skills when playing Catte

To play Catte successfully, you not only need luck but also skills such as: Observation, analysis, deception and select.

  • Observation is an important skill to understand the situation of the game such as the number and type of opponents’ cards, the cards played and the remaining cards in the deck.
  • Analysis is a skill to make reasonable decisions when playing cards such as: When to play strong or weak cards; When should you keep or throw away high or low value cards?
  • Deception is a skill to create psychological effects for opponents such as: When to play one or more cards to put pressure or create opportunities for yourself; When should you skip your turn to trick your opponent into playing unwanted cards?
  • select is a skill to increase or decrease your level of risk and profit such as: When to increase or decrease the number of bet points; When to accept or decline your competitors’ offers.

Tips for playing Catte to win big from experts

If you want to play Catte to win big, you can refer to the following tips from experienced players:

How to choose articles

You should choose cards with average value, like 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. These cards can be easily combined together to create strong pairs or decks. You should avoid choosing cards with high value, such as J, Q, K, A.
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These cards can make it difficult for you to play Catte and you can easily lose points if left in your hand. You should also avoid choosing the Ace of Diamonds (A♦), because this card will double your points if left in your hand.

How to handle different situations

You should be flexible in handling different situations when playing Catte.

For example:

  • If you have the right to play the first card, you should play a weak card to test your opponents’ reaction.
  • If your opponents all skip their turns, you can play a strong card to put pressure on them.
  • In case all opponents follow you, you can play one or more cards to create a strong pair or deck.
  • If you do not have the right to play the first card, you should monitor and analyze the cards of the person who played before you.
  • If that person plays a weak card, you can play a stronger card to take over. If that person plays a strong card, you can play a weaker card or skip your turn to keep the high-value cards.

How to take advantage of opportunities

You should know how to take advantage of opportunities when playing Catte. For example: If you have in your hand a very strong pair or deck of cards such as: 4 A cards or 4 K cards. Then you can play them to shock your opponents and run out of cards early.

The card game Catte is an attractive and interesting game that requires not only luck but also skills such as observation, analysis, deception and select. Let’s give it a try How to play Catte and see how many points you can win. Good luck!