Choose WPS Office Covert PDF to Excel

When it comes to PDF to Excel converter, there are plenty of options. Some are better than others, but ultimately you should select a tool which offers useful conversions and saves you time.

Converting a PDF to Excel allows for faster data editing and sharing with others. Furthermore, visualizing data in an Excel spreadsheet makes it simpler for everyone to comprehend its meaning.

Converting PDF to Excel

Converting PDF to Excel is a speedy and effortless process that can be accomplished online or using desktop software.

When working on an Excel file and need to convert it to PDF, WPS Office Covert is one of the best tools available for this purpose.

This tool is user-friendly and compatible with any operating system, including Windows, macOS and Android. Furthermore, it supports editing or converting multiple files simultaneously.

This tool’s main benefit is the flexibility to select which tables, pages or ranges you would like to convert. Batch conversion can save time and effort while offering various output formats like RTF, native DOC and MS Word-DOC. Furthermore, you have the option of splitting or merging pages for PDF conversion.


If you need to format a PDF file into Excel, there are several options. One of them is using an online PDF conversion tool such as WPS Office Covert – free and convenient!

This software is an ideal way to convert a PDF into an Excel spreadsheet and has been designed with user convenience in mind. With various settings and customizations, you can format your documents exactly the way you desire.

WPS Office Covert software can also batch convert multiple files and has an OCR function to extract information from PDF documents – a great feature that saves you time and energy.


Optical character recognition (OCR), also known as optical character extraction (OCE), allows you to extract text from scanned images. This process involves several steps such as matrix matching and feature detection.

Matrix matching is the process of comparing characters in a scanned image to characters stored in a library of character matrices. With this data, an OCR program can identify which character is present and where it belongs on the image.

Furthermore, it can recognize the type of text in a scanned image and determine its appropriate output format.

OCR technology allows for the conversion of images into text that can be edited and printed, which may be beneficial for students with dyslexia or other reading difficulties.


WPS Office Covert PDF to Excel offers a suite of security measures designed to protect your files. This includes password protection, document scanning, and document editing tools.

WPS Office stands out among other word processors by being able to be used offline, allowing for editing documents without Internet connectivity. Furthermore, it works on both Windows and Mac systems alike.

Word processing apps abound, but WPS Office stands out as one of the top choices for document creation and editing due to its extensive formatting options and unique features.

Another essential feature of Choose WPS Office Covert PDF to Excel is its capability of converting PDFs to Excel spreadsheets. This makes it simpler for users to add, delete and rearrange data within a spreadsheet as well as share it with others.