Lip injections Toronto is a popular procedure amongst all, irrespective of their age and background. When you undergo lip augmentation through fillers, you can instantly see the changes in your appearance. This helps to boost confidence almost instantly. Lip injection is the procedure that can help you have a natural pout without the fake “duck lips”. The best way to get great results is by subtlety and customization. When undergoing the filler, the procedure has to be customised as per your face and your expectations. If planning to undergo this procedure, here is all that you need about it.

Which filler is the best choice?

The first process to undergo lip augmentation is consultation. During the consultation, you will discuss your goals and learn about the options to achieve those goals. Their various choices you could consider. The specialized Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers evolve and expand over time. It volumizes, softens and reshapes the lips.

What are Hyaluronic Acid Fillers?

Hyaluronic Acid or HA is naturally occurring and is present all over the body. The function of HA is to hydrate and lubricate. Cross-linking the HA molecules helps to hold them together. It turns it into a clear semi-resilient gel that holds a form for a while at the injection site. With time, these bonds begin to break down. As this happens, the HA is absorbed by the body. Once we start to age, the production of HA starts to slow down. Many people begin to notice that their skin has gone dryer and thinner around the age of 30. This is because HA has become scarce. It is responsible for making the skin moist and plump. Hence, it is also a key ingredient in many skincare products. The HA fillers promote collagen production. Collagen is another naturally occurring substance in the human body and gives volume. It also begins to diminish over time. When the filler is injected, it stimulates the growth of collagen. This helps to achieve a more lasting volume.

How long do the results last?

When opting for Hyaluronic Acid fillers, the results will not be permanent. The reason is that, with time, the material is broken down by the body and absorbed. It does bring about lasting changes. The results from the filler will last you for about six months to a year. There is collagen production that will last for years. With multiple treatments over time, collagen production builds up which helps to create a long-lasting result.

Is the procedure painful?

The filler consists of Lidocaine which is a freezing agent. This addition helps to make the procedure more comfortable. You might feel the initial poke of the filler, but after that, there is a dull sensation throughout the process. A tiny needle is used, and the procedure is quick. It is great news for all those who are scared of needles. The procedure is fairly comfortable and takes about 15 minutes. After the treatment, you might experience numbness in your lips for a couple of hours.