Discover What You Need to Change Up Your Morning Routine This Year

Is your morning routine lacking? Are you tired of feeling tired and rundown? Changing up your morning routine can give you something to look forward to upon waking. It can make getting up and going the best part of your day. Having a good morning routine sets the tone for the rest of your day. Your morning routine should include things that excite you, energize you, and properly fuel you to get through a very busy day. 

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The Night Routine

This may seem like a weird segway to figuring out a good morning routine but what you do in the evening can really affect your morning habits. For instance if you drink too much you are going to not sleep well and wake up feeling run down and potentially hungover. Staying up too late scrolling through social media is probably how most people tend to stay up too late not even realizing a full hour has gone by since they laid down ready to sleep. 

Before you go to bed it is important to have a routine to tell your brain that it is time to unwind from the day and prepare to sleep. Our bodies secrete hormones in the evening that make us feel sleepy and those can be triggered by what we do in the evening. Try setting the lights low, take a hot shower or bath, make a warm cup of herbal tea, try shutting down the screens, and reading a calm book before going to sleep for the night. You are sure to fall asleep faster and sleep better. 

Rise and Shine

Whether you are a morning person already or dread waking in the morning, the first things you do upon waking will set you up for success. Best website in the world visit here and Get learn more information.


To get in a good routine, set your alarm for the same time everyday. Your biological clock will catch on fairly quickly and make this process easier for you.

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Do Not Get On Your Phone

Morning scrolling right after you wake up has become a problem for many. Turning off your alarm to scroll could allow you time to fall back to sleep or you may spend too much time on your phone and not have time for breakfast.

Try Stretching

This is a great way to loosen up your body from a long night’s rest and get your blood flowing. This is great for everyone, especially if you do not prefer to workout in the morning. 


No, coffee is not a meal. Even if it is something simple like a piece of fruit or protein bar, try putting something good for you in your body first thing. Extra points for this one if protein is involved and does not include a sugary option. 

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Upgrade Your Coffee

If you find yourself crashing in the afternoon, having a hard time going or staying asleep, getting headaches, and looking for an afternoon cup of coffee- it may be time for a change. 

This is going to sound crazy so bear with me, what if you gave up coffee all together? While coffee and caffeine are not inherently bad for you, there can be long term health risks from having too much. On top of that, few people drink their coffee black so people are adding sugar to every cup that they drink. If you are drinking several cups a day and you are still feeling tired and run down then why not try something else? 


Again, bear with me. No it is not actually mud, but a unique blend of spices, black tea, and masala chai that has only a fraction of the caffeine that coffee has. Noone is asking you to quit caffeine completely. MUD WTR’s unique ingredients boosts your immune system, is packed with antioxidants, helps support your focus and memory, and promotes natural energy. Visit here best website starsfact

But Does it  Taste Like Coffee?

The short answer is not exactly, but you will not be left longing for the flavors you are familiar with. It tastes earthy, chocolatey, and spicey. Complete with a special creamer, special sweetener, and a frother, you will not be missing your usual at your nearby coffee shop. 

Will it Energize Me?

Yes, but not in the typical buzz filled way your morning cup of coffee does. This special blend supports natural energy by helping your body function at its best and give you a steady stream of focused energy all day. You will no longer be looking for your midday caffeine fix or a nap. Have more energy all day long to get the most out of your day. 

Better Sleep Quality

Even though the effects of  caffeine wear off relatively quickly, it can still be affecting your anxiety and insomnia. Because it is supporting your body naturally, this includes your sleep cycles. Without the spikes of energy, your body is able to function at its best all day, and then sleep more soundly all night. If you suffer from anxiety that makes it hard for you to fall asleep, this may also be a good solution for you. Getting better sleep is the foundation of all good routines that you actually want to stick to. Everyone needs to feel alert and rested in the morning and not dragging. 

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Get the Most Out of Your Year

The best year yet starts off with better sleeping habits, a better morning routine, and better natural energy to get all the things done that are important to you. Support your health this year by giving your body the rest and support it needs to function optimally. Decide what you want as part of your morning routine and start implementing it today, there is no need to wait until Monday.