Do Nonprofit Consultants Work on an Hourly Basis?

Nonprofit organizations experiencing growth pains, facing challenges in fundraising, or witnessing a lack of progress in accomplishing the main goal can get out of such situations by opting for the assistance of nonprofit consultants. These are professionals who bring a fresh perspective into a nonprofit organization in an array of key areas, all of which come together for better financial and physical growth. In other words, a nonprofit consultant can help your association scale up its operations in a realistic and sustainable fashion.

What Does a Nonprofit Consultant Do?

As we have already mentioned, nonprofit consultants are service providers who will work with your nonprofit organization for a short time period to set up software systems, manage an event, or strategize processes to achieve long-term goals. Some of the tangible work you can expect from a non-profit consultant includes:

  • Donor research, which includes wealth screening and prospect investigation
  • Campaign strategy development and ongoing support
  • Feasibility studies
  • Capital campaign planning
  • Development support to replace or hire in-house staff

Nonprofit consultants are necessary for various organizations. How much they charge and if they work hourly are the big questions. Let’s check!

Costs of Opting for the Assistance of a Nonprofit Consultant

As with any specialized consulting service, nonprofit consultants also usually follow a personalized approach. Thus, the ultimate costs for getting their assistance will depend on a range of variables, such as your organization’s goals, the budget, the timeframe available, and more. Besides, the pricing structure for every nonprofit firm you choose to work with will also determine the final cost of the project. But, under typical circumstances, nonprofit consultants usually charge in the following ways:

  • Customized per-project flat fee
  • Flat monthly or annual fees for retained services
  • Hourly pricing for scheduled support

So, the answer to the question posed at the beginning – do nonprofit consultants work on an hourly basis – is yes, they can use this model. However, the nonprofit consultant hourly rate will vary on the firm you choose and the specialized services you have chosen. For instance, it may cost you one amount to create campaigns and take the early steps and another amount entirely to provide ongoing assistance.

To ensure that you are paying the right price for a nonprofit consultant, remember to determine the services requirement, investigate comparable costs nearby, and gauge the level of specialization you need. At times, you may want a six-month strategic planning, whereas, at other times, you may want a one-day strategic planning workshop.

So, as promised, this was a brief overview of nonprofit consultants and their average charges. The key is to research your options, and clearly understand your own goals and checklists so that prospective consultants can make precise quotes. If you have a strict budget, be upfront with the consultant, as honesty is the best way to find the optimal financial fit for your nonprofit organization, while reaping the maximum benefits out of the assistance of a nonprofit consultant.

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